*NEW* Tiny House Shipping Container Home

The Nova Cottage shipping container is the Hawking Hills Cottage company I’m going to be giving you a tour of their fairly new as of earlier this year nova shipping container home.

Right behind me it is this beautiful black 40-foot-long shipping container home that is about 320 square feet of living space so it is also a tiny house

And i think they did this shipping container home so nicely from the outside from the property and to the inside it feels like it’s straight from hot and you are living the peaceful luxurious life here.

The Kitchen

The heart of the kitchen stands tall the fridge. It’s just the right size for this snug space. To its side sits the sink and countertop, graced by a massive window overlooking the backyard.

Below these countertops, you’ll find pristine white cabinets that bring a clean and airy vibe to the room.

But that’s not all! The kitchen continues to impress with open shelves storing a treasure trove of goodies. Need your caffeine fix?

The top shelf houses all your coffee essentials, and get this—they’ve got you covered whether you’re a fan of drip coffee or prefer the convenience of a Keurig. Cream and sugar options are lined up, a thoughtful touch that’s often missing in other rentals.

And wait, there’s more beneath the coffee haven! Everything you could possibly imagine finding in a kitchen is neatly tucked away there. From a trusty microwave to a toaster, it’s all set for your culinary adventures.

Isn’t it fantastic that this kitchen doesn’t just cater to your basic needs but goes the extra mile to ensure your coffee cravings are satisfied in style? Whether you’re a slow-sipper or a grab-and-go coffee enthusiast, this kitchen’s got your back.

And with that charming backyard view, your morning coffee ritual just got a whole lot better!

The Living room

This is your shipping container you reach your living space the decor in here is absolutely beautiful i love this leather couch on this left side and across from that is a small electric fireplace which is so cozy and it looks great and then right above that is your TV with Netflix and Roku all that stuff so pretty cozy living room space.

The Bathroom

This is your huge bathroom I love it there are, of course, your toilets and your small vanity but you have these shelves right here that includes everything you would need you could have brought nothing to this Airbnb.

And you’d have all your toiletry necessities right here which is awesome that they can provide that and then on the other side is your huge walk-in shower I say huge

but this is a tiny house remember it is pretty nice and then you got your shelves for all your towels right next to that so this is a pretty spacious bathroom for the floor plan of this home now.

The Bedroom

This is your bedroom space you have your bed tucked up against this wall with a single nice stand on this left side of it and you have a window in here that lets in all that light and then of course i think it’s awesome that they even include a tv in here they also have a small area to put your luggage right here so this is your bedroom space it was super

The Firepit

This is your step out into your back patio and you feel like you’re the only person in the entire world because it’s so private and beautiful back here the landscape is stunning you got the hills behind you but you got the trees

and the grass everywhere and the wildlife here is also incredible you could bird watch out here for hours I sat out here and did it here’s a couple of shots of that and just the sound of it is so beautiful too sleep too or to wake up to all the birds.


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