New bungalow with hot tub ten minutes away The Hocking Hills

The XO Bungalow Tiny House is a quiet refuge that beckons individuals who are looking for serenity and comfort via its location in the Hocking Hills, which is surrounded by the natural grandeur of the natural environment.

This charming sanctuary, which is around 400 square feet in size, provides a look into a world where luxury and the allure of a comfortable dwelling come together.

A charming green wagon is waiting for you as you approach the property, eager to help you in transporting your goods from the parking area to this quiet sanctuary.

Every one of the five cabins, including the XO Bungalow, has its own distinctive name and branding, which guarantees that each and every visitor will have a one-of-a-kind experience.

Step Living Area

From the moment you enter the bungalow, you are met with a huge living area that exudes both warmth and refinement.

There is a comfy sofa that beckons you to relax, and there is a careful selection of reading items on a neighboring side table that provides the ideal company for periods of quiet introspection.

The gold-colored lighting fixture lends an air of sophistication to the area, which in turn contributes to the space’s friendly atmosphere.

Dining Table

Next up is the dining room, where a pair of plush leather seats sit elegantly around a modern circular black table. An enchanting chandelier hangs above, casting a gentle light that creates the perfect ambiance for romantic dinners and heartfelt chats.

The kitchen’s darker wood worktops and eye-catching blue cabinetry are a demonstration of original and refined style. An open shelf system enhances the kitchen with practicality and aesthetics by making sure all the basics are within easy reach.

Luxury Bathroom

As you go inside the bathroom, you’ll see a bold XO artwork that perfectly complements the cabin’s unique decor.

The lavish marble shower, however, is still the show-stopper because to its combination of comfort and elegance.

A spa-like experience is guaranteed with attentive facilities that cater to every guest’s demands and golden accents on fixtures that enrich the experience.

Modern Bedroom

When the day comes to a close, the bedroom transforms into a welcoming and fashionable retreat for the sleeper. The focal point of the room is a roomy king-size mattress,

Which is surrounded by tables made of logs and lamps that are sleek and black.

The sophisticated atmosphere is exemplified by the contemporary background, which is ornamented with elegant art and functional details like as blackout shades.

A seat placed at the foot of the bed adds a touch of utility and elegance to the room, while an air conditioning unit ensures that the night will be spent in a pleasant and relaxing manner.


The XO Bungalow Tiny House is a living example of how luxury and the natural world can be used to create a beautiful combination.

Its creative design, along with perfect attention to detail, provides visitors with an experience that they will never forget, guaranteeing moments of rest and renewal in the midst of the lovely Hocking Hills.

Every nook and cranny of the XO Bungalow Tiny House says volumes about comfort, elegance, and the art of living in a setting that is both snug and opulent. This is true whether it is the welcoming living room, the trendy dining area, the intriguing kitchen, the lavish bathroom, or the calm bedroom.

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