The Hocking Hills Edition of the Hygge Box Hop

The Exterior

The Hygge Box Hop may be found in Rockbridge, which is located in Ohio.  The interior of an extraordinarily enormous home built from shipping containers features a significant amount of Scandinavian design characteristics.

Also, the front of this home has a sleek black paint job, and the wood finishing can be seen here and there. Moving around to the back of this container home, you can see seven distinct containers.

The Kitchen

The cooking area.  You have a tremendous counter space with four stools tucked neatly underneath it. 

Let’s head inside the ultra-contemporary kitchen right now, which is accessible by going under the counter.

This space is stocked with every device conceivable.  To begin, you have a top-of-the-line refrigerator and freezer that is equipped with a water dispenser.  Then, farther in, you will find your standard coffee maker and a heater for the water.

The Living room

the seating section in the living room. This room has a lot of interesting features, such as your enormous dining table, the couch, and the floating fireplace, which we can observe here.

But before we get to it, let me just say that the table in this Airbnb has had to be one of the biggest tables I’ve ever seen. It has enough room for up to ten visitors at a time.

Then there is your floating fireplace, and just look at how awesome this thing looks; it is really contemporary and futuristic, and it is encased in glass on all sides.

The Bathroom

At the Hygge, you are now in the first of our two restrooms. Because this is a bathroom designed for people with disabilities, it features a gorgeous peach-colored sink, elegant tiling, and, at the opposite end of the room, a shower that has a minimalistic appearance.

The Bedroom

The first bedroom here.  It’s the only bedroom on the ground floor,  and about half of the bed is covered head to toe in pillows.  It was very comfortable. 

You also then had your dresser and some extra towels,  if you pan more to the left.  Going even further then,  you’ll see now from the inside,  one of those private balconies that we saw earlier. 

The Out Door

This outdoor patio area here.  You really have an outside patio space that is more than 1200 square feet, so you might consider it to be rather vast.  With these fluffy, white, soft cushions, you then have more seating alternatives at this end of the room.

In addition, there is a sauna that seats six people and a hot tub that can accommodate a large number of visitors. Both of these amenities are located outside.

The Second Bathroom

This one incorporates a greater amount of the lovely peach hue that we’ve seen used throughout the house, in addition to a few throw cushions and photo frames.  You can also see very well that one of those walls is still the original container wall, and if we go around the back here, we can see that it is still intact.

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