Hill Country Cottage with a Hammock

The hammock house let’s go check this place out we are back in Texas with another beautiful Airbnb tour i feel like I am always in Texas because there are a lot of beautiful Airbnbs in the hill country.

which is where we’re at we’re in round mountain Texas it’s about an hour outside of Austin and this area is just so beautiful right behind me is the hammock house which is the place. 

Everything  from an outdoor soaking tub  there’s two deck hammocks off of your  master bedroom upstairs  and even 200 acres of property  for yourself it’s all here for you  to explore yourself this  spot is 100 private you can’t see  a single-ounce of civilization-looking around you      


The Outdoor Space

The path connected to your cabin and discover the serene outdoor soaking tub. Positioned perfectly, it’s nestled in a pristine spot where the sunrise becomes a stunning backdrop.

This concrete tub stretches six feet long, perfect for a full-length soak if you’re under six feet tall. It’s spacious enough for you and your partner to enjoy together, complete with towels provided for your convenience.

Picture this: relaxing in the tub, gazing at the stars at night or basking in the morning sunlight—it’s an inviting space for unwinding and enjoying the natural beauty around you. The location is just perfect, offering a tranquil escape where you can indulge in a soothing soak amidst picturesque surroundings.

The Kitchen

The kitchen spans the entire back wall with stunning concrete countertops. Below, the cabinets are stocked with all your essentials.

Above, a single shelf holds neatly arranged dishes, including some charming mugs. On the right side, everything’s set up for your morning coffee a perfect start to your day. This kitchen’s got everything you need, arranged beautifully and conveniently.

The Living area

This is your living area! On the left side, you’ll find a cozy living room setup, complete with a comfortable couch, a couple of coffee tables, and a chair an ideal spot to unwind, perhaps flipping through some books or simply relaxing.

On the opposite side, there’s a petite dining table for two, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or having a meal. The entire space is oriented towards the stunning 12-foot sliding doors, allowing plenty of natural light to flood in.

Stepping out through these doors treats you to breathtaking views all around.

There’s a smaller dining table outside, offering a spot to enjoy meals while soaking in the beautiful surroundings.

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, this living area is designed to offer both relaxation and a wonderful view, making it a delightful space to unwind or enjoy a quiet meal with an incredible backdrop.

The King size bed

The beautiful luxurious king bedroom suite. Right at the heart of this room sits your grand canopy bed, fit for a king, adorned with exquisite linens.

What’s remarkable are the drapes encircling the bed, perfect for those chilly nights when you can leave the sliding doors open, taking advantage of the matching 12-foot doors in this space.

Picture this: the canopy gently swaying in the wind, creating a beautiful, expansive sight. I was amazed by the spaciousness and elegance of it all.

On either side of this bed, there are convenient nightstands, offering a place for your essentials, while a dresser stands nearby, ready to store your clothing.

Plus, a designated spot for hanging your clothes ensures everything stays neat and organized.

Adding to the comfort, there’s even a small couch tucked away in a corner, providing a cozy spot to relax or enjoy a morning coffee while getting ready for the day.

This bedroom truly combines luxury, functionality, and comfort in a way that’s truly delightful.

The Hammock space

This Airbnb, known as the Hammock House, is all about its deck space, particularly the incredible hammocks. Right on this deck, there’s a special area dedicated to these hammocks that earned the place its name.

Just by looking here, you’ll spot a gate that swings open to reveal two massive hammocks, available for your relaxation any time of the day.

These hammocks are perfect for lounging, reading, and unwinding, offering one of the most serene experiences imaginable.

What’s unique about these double net hammocks is their strength they can each hold up to a whopping 11,000 pounds!

So, you and your partner can comfortably enjoy your time here, whether you’re lounging during the day or watching the breathtaking sunset in the evening.

Experiencing this beauty up here is truly remarkable and unlike anything I’ve seen in other Airbnbs or even on social media platforms like Instagram.

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