A tiny house built by hand in the middle of the forest

Nestled deep within the picturesque woods of Athens, Vermont, lies a hidden gem that redefines the essence of comfortable living amid nature’s embrace –

The Timber Tiny House. With its handcrafted design and awe-inspiring floor-to-ceiling windows, this tiny abode stands as a testament to the harmony between modern comforts and the serenity of the wilderness.

Exterior of the tiny house

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An air of seclusion and privacy surrounds you as you make your way along the driveway and pull into the assigned space to park.

A haven that is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of city life, this hideaway is tucked away 400 feet into the woods and offers complete seclusion to its guests.

The Living Haven

When entering the home, you are greeted with the inviting warmth of the living area.

The coziness of the couch, which is set against the backdrop of the room’s enormous windows, brings the splendor of the outside within.

But what about the crowning achievement? A dash of cutting-edge technology: at the push of a button, the area can be converted into a cozy home cinema with a projection screen that slides down from the ceiling.

When combined with high-speed Wi-Fi, the options for entertainment in the middle of nowhere are practically limitless.

The Culinary Oasis

A kitchen that is both cozy and well stocked is located right next to the main living area.

It radiates both practicality and chicness because to its one-of-a-kind open layout and a countertop that is hand-poured from concrete.

Culinary aficionados find a refuge to indulge in their gourmet hobbies when there is adequate countertop space and required tools available in the kitchen. However, they do not have to sacrifice their connection to nature.

A Bathing Experience Like No Other

A luxurious bathroom may be found hidden behind a sliding door that has been specifically designed for the space.

This room is the epitome of luxury, as it features a soaking tub with a diameter of 73 inches that can also be used as a shower.

This bathroom goes above the ordinary by providing a haven for leisure; it is encased in wood paneling and contains all of the essential conveniences.

Loft Bedroom

The cozy loft may be reached by climbing the modular stairs in the appropriate order.

This lofted refuge not only provides a comfortable bed that is decked out with an abundance of pillows and blankets, but it also provides a workstation that is fully functional.

It serves as an invigorating refuge for both work and meditation thanks to its broad windows that look out into the natural environment.

The Perfect Work & Rest Balance

The office table, which has been thoughtfully placed to take in the breathtaking scenery, begs with its ability to provide both comfort and inspiration.

It is a room created for productivity and relaxation in equal measures, as seen by the presence of a leather mat that lends an air of sophistication to the working area and the proximity of a coffee maker to the area.


The Timber Tiny House is more than simply a place to sleep; it’s an experience designed to bring together the best of both the inside and outdoors.

This teeny-tiny house exudes a sense of luxury and serenity from every nook and cranny, from the unobtrusive incorporation of contemporary conveniences to the enveloping embrace of the natural setting all around it.

Find serenity, inspiration, and a renewed connection with nature in this architectural masterpiece known as the Timber Tiny House, which exemplifies the very definition of an enticing refuge in the middle of the lush grandeur that is Athens, Vermont.

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