Tiny House Charm: The Hillcrest Hideaway Experience

Nestled in the heart of the Historic District in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Hillcrest Hideaway is a true gem waiting to be tiny house discovered. This beautifully designed tiny house offers a cozy, clean, and updated living space that promises to meet all your accommodation needs.


The Living Room: Where Comfort Meets Elegance

As you step inside the Hillcrest Hideaway, you are immediately greeted by a spacious and inviting living room. This great room effortlessly connects with the outdoor deck, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and serene surroundings.

The formal family room area features comfortable sofas, chairs, and a television tucked away in the corner, making it an ideal spot to relax after a day of exploring Little Rock.


What truly sets this living room apart are the French doors on both sides of the fireplace, which lead to the deck.

Above these doors, you’ll find classic trapezoid windows that fill the room with natural light and provide picturesque views of the Historic District.

Additionally, a log beam running along the center of the room adds a touch of rustic elegance to the overall design, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

The Kitchen: A Culinary Haven

Adjacent to the living room, the Hillcrest Hideaway features a well-appointed kitchen. The light countertop and light wood cabinetry give the kitchen a bright and airy ambiance.

The glass doors on some of the cabinets not only showcase your kitchenware but also add a touch of sophistication to the space.


One notable feature is the special rack for plates located in the center of the kitchen. This thoughtful addition maximizes storage space while keeping your kitchen organized and efficient.

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply need a place to prepare quick meals, this kitchen is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The Dining Table: Intimate Gatherings

While the tiny house doesn’t boast a formal dining room, it offers a convenient 2 to 4-person table against one wall.

tiny house

This minimalist approach to dining space allows you to easily pull out the table when needed, creating an intimate setting for meals or a cozy spot for working or reading.

It’s a testament to the clever design choices that make the most of every inch of the Hillcrest Hideaway.

The Bedroom: Your Peaceful Oasis

Every tiny house has its unique style, and the Hillcrest Hideaway’s master bedroom doesn’t disappoint. This private sanctuary provides a comfortable escape, complete with a private entrance to the deck.

The spacious layout ensures that you have all the room you need to unwind and relax after a day of exploring Little Rock.

tiny house

The clever design choices in the bedroom maximize space and storage, so you can keep your belongings organized during your stay.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful night’s sleep or a cozy spot to read a book, this bedroom offers the comfort and tranquility you desire.

The Bathroom: Convenience and Functionality

The Hillcrest Hideaway comes equipped with well-designed bathrooms, catering to various needs. Depending on the specific tiny house configuration, you may find his and hers bathrooms or smaller bathrooms with single vanities and a combination shower and bathtub.

tiny house

These bathrooms emphasize functionality without sacrificing style. The thoughtful layouts make the most of the available space, ensuring that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

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