The Kingdom A-Frame

You see a lot of really cool items waiting for you inside this A-frame.  So, I’m really pumped for you guys to check this place out with me. 

Without further ado, let’s now hop into the tour.  Walk into this really cute A-frame up in Northern Vermont. 

As we get closer, you may think this cabin is a little on the smaller side from this angle,  but just wait until we explore a little more.  Right out front,  this is one of the many outdoor spaces at the cabin. 

The Outdoor

If we head in this direction,  you have a long driveway with plenty of space for parking.  And over here on the right,  you have a slick black and modern fireplace. 

It’s one of two outdoor fireplaces.  Moving along, we’ll walk through this gate,  which leads to the backyard in my favorite outdoor area.

There’s plenty of firewood waiting there.  And then we were just hanging out and chilling around the incredible fire pit setup for the entire night. 

If I zoom out with my drone right here,  you can see the cabin nestled amongst the trees.

This outdoor deck space.  You have one of those heaters to keep you warm during the colder months,  and this comfy lounge chair on the opposite side. 

If we then peek over the railing,  you can look back down into the fire pit area. 

The Interior

The interior.  This is your screened porch.  There’s a bunch of stuff packed into it,  like these two chairs and a bench.  You have this bright green door, which leads inside.

And on this opposite end, you have a ton,  and I mean a ton of fire starter supplies.  I mean, this bin on the left is just a newspaper alone. 

And this is only mainly for the indoor fireplace.  So you will be very well-equipped during your stay. 

I also had to be silly and take that little bike out for a spin.  I think I’m just a tad bit too tall, though, to ride it.  We’ll now head further into the interior through this door to begin to check out some of the rooms. 

The Bathroom

The main bathroom is here inside the cabin.  On the left side, this is your sink. 

You’ll probably notice some of the tile work here,  which then continues into the shower. 

I think it’s very eye-catching, very breathtaking, and creates a certain aesthetic in the bathroom. 

And the owners even emptied out these shampoo,  conditioner, and body lotion,  all into these cool and unique bottles.  Last but not least, above the sink,  you have this long shelf. 

The First Bedroom

This first bedroom.  You can tell that we’re inside an A-frame cabin from those angles along the right wall,  but you have this large comfy bed. 

And then at the opposite end,  you have this little seat and a wardrobe waiting for you.  There’s also some cool decorations in this bedroom.

The Kitchen

The kitchen.  It is very well-equipped.  This is a bit more of a zoomed-out shot.  But if we now get in closer, you have your sink,

And your stainless steel refrigerator,  and there’s tons of dishes, pots, pans,  just everywhere you look, you have your stovetop, 

Your oven, your knives, cutting board.  Just everything you could possibly need is waiting for you in this kitchen. 

The Dining Table

The main dining room space in the A-frame.  You have this large dining table with enough seating for six people along with this modern lighting fixture on top. 

And obviously, the main centerpiece is that gigantic picture of an ox.  We’ll now walk into this corner to what is dubbed the tiny A-frame shop. 

This is a great way to support the local community.  I would love to see more Airbnb hosts do something like this.  And if we open up all the cabinets.

The Living room

The living room.  I mean, does it get any more cozy or perfect than this gigantic wood-burning stove? 

And you also have plenty of firewood like we saw earlier,  even some more accessories like those mitts I was wearing,  so I didn’t burn myself.  It was very, very hot in that corner.  Along that wall as well, you also have a smart TV  with Netflix.

The Basement

The basement contains another chill-out space with plenty of entertainment options.  I would envision the kids being down here more if a family stayed here. 

You do have a large couch and a leather chair.  And against this wall,  you have another fireplace and smart TV, 

but this has some old-school video game options.  Now in the center, you have two cornhole boards that you can take outside to play with.  And, of course, the main attraction is this large shuffleboard that you can play like this with two players. 

The Loft

The loft.  There are also some great touches throughout this room,  like on top of this dresser, you have some candles,  some pillow mist, and some stickers.  There are even some more items waiting for you on the other nightstand,  and these cool reading lights above the bed. 

The Bathroom

The bathroom is directly connected to the master bedroom.  You have your sink with all this beautiful tile and a big round mirror.  Your toilet against this one wall.  On the opposite end,  you have some more seating options and some storage space.

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