Exploring the Enchanting All-Black A-Frame Cabin in the Catskills

Nestled in the heart of the Catskills, this tiny all-black A-frame cabin has captured the attention of prestigious publications like “Vogue.” With its moody vibes and meticulous design,

it stands as a testament to the allure of cabin living. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the exterior and interior features that make this A-frame cabin a unique and cozy retreat.

The Allure of the Exterior

Driving up to the cabin, the first thing that catches your eye is the large deck.

This outdoor space not only adds to the moody cabin vibes but also serves as the perfect introduction to the aesthetic of the entire property.

The all-black A-frame structure, standing against the backdrop of the Catskill woods, is a sight to behold.

The deck, extending seamlessly from the cabin, is a gathering place for both relaxation and warmth.

Situated on the main outdoor deck is a Solo Stove fire pit, carefully selected to enhance the overall experience.

This particular model emits significantly less smoke than traditional fire pits, allowing residents and guests to enjoy the warmth without the inconvenience of excessive smoke.

A large picnic table, strategically placed at the far end of the deck, invites individuals to relish outdoor meals amidst the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Dual Fire Pits for Cozy Evenings:

However, the outdoor experience doesn’t end with the main deck. Venture a little deeper into the woods, and you’ll discover a second fire pit. True to the cabin’s all-black theme, this fire pit, surrounded by four modern chairs, creates a more intimate setting.

The additional space in this secluded spot is perfect for family gatherings, storytelling, and the classic delight of roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

This thoughtful arrangement of fire pits not only adds to the ambiance of the cabin but also provides residents with options, catering to different moods and occasions.

Whether it’s a quiet evening on the main deck or a festive night in the woods, the cabin ensures that every outdoor experience is memorable.

A Peek into the Living Room

As you step through the cabin’s front door, you’re greeted by a meticulously designed living space.

The living room, with a staircase on one side and the dining area and kitchen on the other, sets the tone for the entire interior. The highlight of the living room is undoubtedly the carefully chosen couch, inviting relaxation and comfort.

Complementing the couch is a two-tiered coffee table, positioned at the center of the room.

Its modern design catches the eye and serves both functional and aesthetic purposes.

On either end of the couch, additional lighting fixtures and small tables contribute to the overall coziness and functionality of the space.

Dining Elegance:

Adjacent to the living room, the dining area is a continuation of the cabin’s aesthetic finesse. A large dining table dominates the space, offering ample seating for six individuals.

The unique hanging lighting fixture above the table adds a touch of elegance, creating an intimate atmosphere for shared meals.

This space is not merely a dining area but a hub for socializing and creating memories.

The six chairs surrounding the table provide a comfortable setting for family gatherings or friendly dinners with a view of the surrounding woods through strategically placed windows.

Culinary Delights in the Kitchen

Moving further into the cabin, the kitchen unfolds as a culinary haven. The high-end appliances from Bertazzoni, an Italian brand known for its quality, steal the spotlight.

The left side features a fridge and freezer unit, but the true gem is the stove top and oven on the left, enticing those with a passion for cooking.

The kitchen is more than just a functional space; it’s a visual delight.

The beautiful white backsplash in the far corner adds a touch of sophistication, creating a harmonious blend with the all-black cabin theme.

This well-stocked kitchen ensures that residents have everything they need, from essential utensils to various cutting boards and a stylish, modern black sink.

Comfortable Bedrooms:

The cabin offers two bedrooms, each designed for comfort and aesthetics.

The first bedroom, accessed from the living room, boasts a queen mattress adorned with carefully chosen decorations. Seven pillows generously spread across the bed provide both comfort and a visually appealing arrangement.

In the corner of this cozy haven, a uniquely shaped dresser adds character to the space, providing storage without compromising on style. For those needing additional storage, a closet and a fan are tucked away in the far corner, ensuring that practicality meets aesthetics.

Bathroom Oasis

The simplicity and elegance of the cabin extend into the bathroom. A bathtub and shower straight ahead offer both relaxation and functionality. Premium toiletries from Public Goods, including branded shampoo, conditioner, soap, and hand soap, add a touch of luxury to the daily routine.

The gorgeous floor tiles contribute to the overall aesthetic, emphasizing the cabin’s commitment to detail and design.

A bathroom sink and toilet complete the space, ensuring that residents have everything they need for a comfortable stay.

Ascending to the Loft

For those seeking a different perspective, a loft bedroom awaits on the upper level of the cabin.

The loft features another queen mattress, offering a cozy retreat with a unique ambiance. A bench at one end and two nightstand tables provide practicality without sacrificing style.

The loft, like the rest of the cabin, is well-appointed with pillows, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. An extra blanket is provided for those chilly Catskill nights,

And a fan offers respite during warmer seasons. For a comprehensive view of the main area, a bird’s eye perspective showcases the meticulous layout and design of the entire cabin.


In conclusion, this all-black A-frame cabin in the Catskills is more than a dwelling; it’s an experience. From the moody exterior that welcomes you to the carefully curated interior spaces, every detail has been considered to provide comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re gathered around the fire pits, enjoying a meal in the dining area, or unwinding in the loft, this cabin promises a unique and memorable retreat in the heart of nature.

The blend of modern design, high-end appliances, and thoughtful details ensures that each moment spent in this cabin is a moment well-spent. It stands as a testament to the charm of cabin living and the immersive experience it offers to those fortunate enough to step through its all-black doors.

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