HIGH-CLASS A-FRAME CABIN! One of a kind two-story 1,000sqft

 The A-Frame at Harvest Moon Acres. we are set on six gorgeous acres of land in New York State.  I’m looking out at the mountains and this beautiful view We’re nearby some of the best skiing in the Catskills region.  We’re at this unique A-frame though.  I love the master suite and the interior design. 

The Exterior

During the warmer months, you may take pleasure in this lovely fire pit that has been placed up outside.

This is just one of the many external facilities that are offered.  In the backdrop, you can see that the sun is about to set.  In the other direction, there is a swing that is situated in the space between two trees. 

Now, with regard to the cabin itself, you may see a little tower of this sort located in the center of the exterior. 

The Living room

Out here in the Catskills, the owners of the cottage have positioned it in such a way that it is ideally situated on six private acres. 

Which means that it is facing the sunset, which you will see in a moment. 

That concludes all that we have outdoors.  I am going to step up here and open these enormous sliding glass doors. I am going to do it right now. 

Because the moment has come to investigate all that is contained inside the interior.  Welcoming you inside. 

As soon as you go inside this A-frame, you will be greeted with this primary living space that you are going to examine. 

The ceiling is outfitted with a stunning wood finishing that can be seen across the whole space. 

The host thought of everything from the nice footstool to the plush pillows,  plants, and decorations. It’s all here. 

You also have a nice smart TV in this corner if you want to catch up on your favorite shows after a fun day in the snow.  There are a bunch of amenities like fire starters,  a lighter, blankets, gloves, and skewers. 

The Dining Table

The table used for eating.  There are some excellent treats available here, such as a thank-you note and a bottle of wine, in addition to two s’mores kits. 

I mentioned these hotel facilities earlier in the film, and they are still available today. 

Finally, in this main area, this is the ideal arrangement exactly about the time when the sun is setting, with all of the light passing through.

The Kitchen

The very, very well-equipped kitchen.  I’ll start first on this side.  You have your sink and down below is your dishwasher.  Not all of the Airbnbs I visit these days have dishwashers. 

So this is a nice amenity to have.  Now on top of the counter in this corner,  you have a ton of coffee and tea supplies,  ranging from your water heater for the tea to your coffee and sugar and various types of tea, 

Also a bunch of cooking books.  So if you like to entertain and cook up a storm,  you’re going to love this kitchen.

The Bathroom

The one bathroom in this A-frame.  There are a bunch of towels down below,  along with their lovely sink set up and a beautiful rounded mirror. 

There are also two bath robes  and pairs of slippers on these hangers.  Now on the opposite end is your shower, 

Which includes some gorgeous white subway tile that contrasts perfectly with the black accented shower heads and handles.

The Master Bedroom

This is your favorite room in the cabin,  which is the master suite.  I love this setup. 

Everything from the snug chair and side table there on the left to the thoughtfully designed linens and pillows all across the bed. 

This wall over here is almost entirely made up of windows,  so it lets in some great light.  And you also have two sliding doors along that far wall, 

The Second Bedroom

The second bedroom in this A-frame.  I thought this was a total couple’s retreat at first but this cabin can very comfortably sleep four guests. 

So a great option for either a small family or two couples. 

This bedroom is quite similar to the master suite we just saw downstairs,  just a tad bit smaller.  But it has a lot of these same amenities and even its smart TV hanging from the wall.

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