1,000sqft MODERN A-FRAME CABIN in Luray, Virginia

Nestled in the heart of Luray, Virginia, The Sparrow is a picturesque cabin designed by Den Outdoors, owned by Ariel and her partner. As avid hikers, they were inspired by the charm of a little A-frame cabin in the Poconos, leading them to embark on the journey of creating their own haven in the serene landscapes of Luray.

The Sparrow, with its unique blend of modern aesthetics and cultural influences, offers a warm welcome to guests seeking a memorable retreat.


Wood panels that capture the sense of rustic life are used to decorate the outside of The Sparrow, which emanates the beauty of a typical cabin when seen from the outside.

The creative design has a designated spot for visitors to change their shoes after a trek, enabling a smooth transition from the stunning natural surroundings to the warm and inviting interior of the establishment.


Upon entering the cabin, the kitchen reveals itself to be a room that is both useful and attractive. The cabin is one thousand square feet in size.

The unique appliances from the Samsung Series offer a contemporary touch, and they are complimented by floating shelves that display glassware collection.

Weaving baskets, which offer a one-of-a-kind and personal touch, are one of the West African cultural features that Ariel and her partner have integrated into the kitchen.

A fun twist is added by the vinyl record entertainment area, which creates a place for people to interact with one another and form connections.

Living Room:

The living room is the most important part of The Sparrow since it is the place where a variety of cultural influences that come together to produce a beautiful combination.

By pulling inspiration from her husband’s West African heritage, Ariel incorporates elements such as low seating, brilliant colors, and accents inspired by Moroccan culture.

This space is a demonstration of the couple’s dedication to incorporating their past into the design of the cabin, which results in the creation of a warm and inviting environment that is perfect for meetings with family and engaging in leisure activities.


The fireplace, which was purchased from a Canadian manufacturer, serves as the focal point of the living area. It is a fireplace that combines contemporary aesthetics with traditional elements in a seamless manner.

Not only does the fireplace contribute to the warmth of the cabin, but it also acts as a visual anchor, integrating the cottage’s rustic appeal with the modern conveniences that are available.


The pair continues their cultural story by moving into the bedroom, and this time they are taking influence from the customs of North Africa.

A refuge that is reminiscent of Morocco is created by the low seating, brilliant colors, and exquisite wallpaper arrangement.

A full-size bed that is tucked into an alcove is one of the features that contributes to the overall sense of comfort in the space. Notably, a hidden sparrow may be found in every chamber, which adds a delightfully distinctive element to the whole experience.


Even though it is located in the middle of the forest, the bathroom is meant to mimic the atmosphere of a luxurious spa-like getaway. White and gold tones predominate throughout the area, and there is substantial tiling both on the floor and in the shower.

The dedication to integrating elegance and utility is shown by the full-size vanity, cupboards, and a big shower with a shower head that can be removed.


The open-concept design of the cabin generates a feeling of connectedness between the various spaces of the cabin, which is beneficial when ascending to The Loft, which is the second bedroom and office space in the cabin. In situations when seclusion is required, the accordion-style divider provides it, so enabling a flexible use of the area.

The loft is equipped with USB ports, storage space under the mattress, and a spectacular view of the mesmerizing chandelier that casts a warm and enchanting light over the whole space.


The Sparrow’s deck is an extension of the cabin’s elegance, providing a large place for leisure and enjoyment all in one convenient location.

This composite material guarantees that it requires little care, and the design blends in well with the cedar accents that are found throughout the cottage.

The addition of a wood fire, wooden furniture, and an outdoor rug in the style of Morocco turns the deck into a warm and welcoming area that is ideal for the formation of memories that will last a lifetime.


The Sparrow, which is located in Luray, Virginia, is a building that exemplifies the seamless integration of several cultural influences, contemporary aesthetics, and functional architecture.

Every area in this cabin, from the kitchen to the bedroom, has its own tale to tell, and it is encouraging people to feel the allure of this home that has been meticulously created.

As The Sparrow opens its doors on Airbnb on June 15th, the grand opening symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter.

The Sparrow invites all individuals to partake in the enchantment of this magical hideaway that is located in the heart of nature.

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