Modern Luxury Home Architectural Marvel

Welcome to the architectural masterpiece known as Le Littoral, a stunning retreat nestled two hours outside of Quebec City, Canada.

This exceptional residence has not only graced the cover of architecture magazines but has also been honored with multiple design awards.

Join us on a journey through this jaw-dropping gem, where modern design seamlessly integrates with breathtaking surroundings.

A Duality of Design: The Exterior

As you approach Le Littoral, its exterior captivates with a unique blend of modern aesthetics.

The structure almost appears as if two distinct homes have converged into one harmonious whole.

The exterior’s standout feature is the sleek black section adorned with massive windows on the top floor, providing a preview of the luxurious spaces within.

A Nighttime Spectacle: Outdoor

Transitioning to night mode, the exterior transforms into an illuminated spectacle.

The strategically placed lights reveal glimpses of the pool, outdoor area, living room, and kitchen, setting the stage for a grand tour of the interior.

Spacious Luxury: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Le Littoral boasts not only uniqueness in design but also impressive scale.

The house unfolds with five bedrooms, each a suite-style haven of comfort.

The meticulous attention to detail is evident, from the queen-size mattresses to the contemporary lighting fixtures. The bedrooms are accompanied by en suite bathrooms, presenting a seamless blend of modernity and functionality.

The bathrooms are a testament to thoughtful design, featuring stylish sinks, rounded mirrors, and spacious showers.

Behind a discreet white sliding door lies a toilet, adding an element of privacy to these well-appointed spaces.

Whimsical Retreat: Capsule-Style Beds

Venturing further into the abode, a delightful surprise awaits in the form of capsule-style beds. Reminiscent of a high-end capsule hotel, these beds provide a whimsical setting for a unique sleeping experience.

With five twin mattresses, each capsule offers individual lighting, outlets, and a small shelf, ensuring a comfortable and private space for each occupant.

The lower capsules reveal cleverly designed drawers for additional storage, addressing both practicality and aesthetics. Complete with a smart TV for entertainment, this area caters to the younger guests, fostering an environment perfect for memorable sleepovers.

Functional Elegance: Common Spaces

The hallway unfolds to reveal the laundry room, emphasizing the residence’s commitment to functionality. A well-appointed full bathroom, with intricate tiling, caters specifically to the younger occupants, adding a touch of playfulness to the design.

An integral part of the lower level is the sauna, offering a serene escape into nature. With a view of the forest, a stone heater, and ample seating for six, this space combines luxury with tranquility.

Pool and Hot Tub

Stepping through the grand black door, the outdoor space unfolds, showcasing a spacious hot tub and a heated pool.

The poolside area, framed by a glass fence, provides a private oasis to soak in the breathtaking surroundings.

As the sun sets, the bay of La Malbaie, visible in the distance, adds a touch of natural splendor to this already exquisite setting.

The Top Floor

Moving to the top floor, a small white door childproofs the stairs, ensuring safety for the youngest guests.

The expansive kitchen steals the spotlight, setting a new standard for culinary spaces.

A vast countertop, complemented by modern appliances including a blender, mixer, and espresso machine, beckons both amateur and seasoned chefs to create culinary delights.

The Kitchen

The kitchen layout is a marvel of efficiency and aesthetics.

The central sink, flanked by a white fridge and freezer, creates a harmonious focal point. Beyond the essentials, the kitchen surprises with additional appliances, such as an espresso machine for crafting delightful beverages.

The presence of a traditional coffee maker provides an option for those seeking a more classic brewing experience.

Dining and Living Areas

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area features an oak table that complements the ceiling color, offering a cozy yet elegant space to savor meals while enjoying the panoramic views.

The living room, with its floor-to-ceiling windows and contemporary design, invites relaxation.

A spacious sectional sofa, entertainment options, and a wood stove create an inviting atmosphere, perfect for both intimate gatherings and quiet evenings.

Outdoor Living: The Deck

A sliding glass door opens to a deck adorned with minimalist furniture and a BBQ grill. This outdoor space provides an ideal setting for al fresco dining, allowing guests to bask in the natural beauty surrounding Le Littoral.

In conclusion, Le Littoral is not just a residence; it’s a symphony of design and functionality. From the luxurious bedrooms to the gourmet kitchen and outdoor opulence, every inch of this architectural gem reflects a commitment to excellence. Le Littoral transcends the conventional, offering an unforgettable experience where modern luxury meets the serenity of nature.

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