Tiny House on Volcanic Lava: A Paradise Unveiled

Greetings, fellow house enthusiasts! Today, let’s embark on an extraordinary journey to the Oshana House, a hidden gem perched on the volcanic lava fields of the Big Island in Hawaii.

This tiny paradise seamlessly blends luxury, entertainment, and nature’s breathtaking beauty, offering an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Unveiling the Beauty of the Big Island

The Big Island stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur, hosting one of the world’s most active volcanoes Kilauea. Beyond being a house,

The Oshana House offers an adventure on one of the most active volcanic lava fields globally. Imagine witnessing lava cascading into a summit water lake, forming a new lava lake at the crater’s base. Kilauea, an active shield volcano in the Hawaii Islands, adds historical significance to this captivating spot on our planet.

Standing on the volcanic lava field, remnants of the ’90s lava flow paint a mesmerizing picture.

While the lava has long since dried up, it has left behind a landscape of volcanic lava rock stretching for miles, a phenomenal view that encapsulates the ever-changing beauty of Earth.

Experiencing The Oshana House

Driving through the lava fields on the south side of the island, you reach the Oshana house a unique haven designed for those seeking off-the-grid serenity.

Comprising two separate pods with a lanai in the middle, the house stands a few feet off the ground, anticipating potential eruptions. This design allows these homes to be swiftly moved to safety in case of seismic activity, preserving their unique charm.

Outdoor Bliss

Step into the al fresco dining area, which provides a prime vantage point from which to take in the breathtaking views of the volcanic lava field.

The area is adorned with string lights, which produce an enchanted atmosphere. Imagine you are sitting down to a meal with some of your closest friends as the sun begins to set, bathing the rugged terrain in warm tones of orange and pink.

It is a dining experience unlike any other, the ideal combination of opulence and the natural world.

Living Room and Kitchen Delights

The foyer leads into the living room and kitchen area, both of which unfold to reveal a space that has been carefully designed.

On one side, a comfy couch and table invite relaxation, while on the other side, a fully-equipped kitchen boasts a sink with a panoramic view, a refrigerator, and ample storage space.

The Both sides of the room are connected by a hallway. Because it offers the ideal balance of convenience and coziness, life in this secluded haven is a breeze thanks to the design of its interior.

The Bedrooms

This space is occupied by your bed, and there are several shelves that extend circumferentially all the way around it. You may hang your belongings here and store your luggage here; other than that, it’s simply a really simple bedroom that looks beautiful. This is the first bedroom, which also happens to be the most important one.

The Bathroom

The restroom or WC  You have this enormous shower right here, and there is really hot water in here, which is wonderful. You have your toilet over here on the other side, and your sink is over here. Now, something very special about this is the fact that the water is heated.

The Second Bedroom

A one-of-a-kind sleeping configuration can be found in the second bedroom, which is located in a separate pod.

A modest family or a group of friends may easily make themselves at home in this area thanks to the presence of two beds one on the ground and another lofted above.

The addition of a desk to the space makes it more adaptable to a variety of uses and satisfies a variety of requirements.

Conclusion: A Tiny Oasis of Bliss

In conclusion, the Ohana House on the volcanic lava fields of Hawaii is not just a home; it’s an experience. It’s a testament to human ingenuity in creating spaces that harmonize with the ever-changing nature around us.

Whether you’re a horse lover, an adventure seeker, or someone yearning for a unique escape, the Oshana House awaits, ready to enchant and inspire.

Now, picture yourself waking up to the sun rising over the volcanic landscape, sipping your morning coffee on the lanai, and embracing the tranquility of this tiny oasis on Earth.

The Oshana House is not just a dwelling; it’s a destination—a tiny paradise on volcanic lava, inviting you to live a life less ordinary. It’s a place where luxury meets nature,

Where entertainment intertwines with the breathtaking beauty of the Big Island. The Oshana House beckons, promising an escape into a world of wonders, where the ordinary fades away, and the extraordinary unfolds at every turn.

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