This is the first glimpse of the exterior you’re gonna see as you go down the driveway in your car, and there’s plenty of parking here, probably enough for five or six cars, it’s quite large. But now you’re a little bit closer.

This is kind of the front and the main entryway. You’re gonna see the number 1103 is the school house, but there’s actually a lot to cover on the grounds here, you know, throughout the property. So right here is the fire pit.

The fire pit 

There are four chairs right here, plenty of space for some s’mores or some hot dogs. And you get a little bit closer. Now, this is my favourite side of the exterior,

My favourite side of the house, and you have this beautiful wall with all these flowers and all these vines, and it’s really, really well maintained by the Airbnb host here. Next, we’re going to head to the main outdoor deck area,

The Outdoor deck

to the main outdoor deck area It was one nice little outdoor couch, enough seating for four people. Directly opposite of that as is nice stainless steel grill and some more seating options in this area.

It’s kind of the main outdoor dining room table. So again, plenty of space for a small group or a family, but some gorgeous views in the background of the farm, and then all the mountains in the background.

The hot tub

This is now the highlight of all the outdoor amenities. There is a lot to cover here. This is right next to the house, like a five-second walk. But I don’t even know where to start.

There’s so much to cover, but I guess I’ll start right here. This is kind of like a little fire pit. It’s even enough chairs right here for two people and they’re looking out at this gorgeous view again of the farms and the mountains in the background.

This is kind of like a little fire pit. It’s even enough chairs right here for two people and they’re looking out to this gorgeous view again, of the farms and the mountains in the background. You have this really, really huge hot tub, but you can see the house in the background right there.

There’s also an outdoor shower, which is really a nice touch, didn’t think about that. But then I was actually peer over more towards. On the right-hand side, you see this really cool sauna.

I believe it’s a Scandinavian-style sauna. I used one when I was in Norway and Finland earlier this year, but really, really nice. Again, a beautiful view out into the farm at the mountains in the background.

The first room we’re gonna enter is the mud room. So there’s a bunch of hangers off to one side, next to the door. There’s plenty of storage space for your jackets, actually, some bathrobes that the host left behind to use in the hot tub.

The Living room

In the main living room or family room area, there is a lot to cover here. Again, there are so many different sitting options. You have the TV in one corner, you have some really cool decorations like the guitar, and there’s another bench off to one side.

And plenty of sitting options from all these chairs. This one side has another chair then on this end, and a couch. So really, really nicely done area.

The interior design. But this one corner, in particular, has this really nice plasma, it’s a flat-screen TV, and there was lots of books and games here and a first aid kit, and just lots of different things to keep you entertained, as if the hot tub and everything else out there isn’t already enough.

The Dining table

This is the dining and kitchen room area. So there are three seats in this one end of the table and a bench on the other side, so there’s plenty of space and sitting for six people.

The Kitchen

The kitchen area, and there’s plenty to see and do in this area as well. We’ll get a little bit closer, and it’s really a state-of-the-art kitchen. You have a nice island right here and three additional little stools, and little sitting areas right there.

And this is the sink area, and they left a few goodies, as well, for when you check-in. So they have this one really, really well done, it’s very in-depth, a welcome guide. So everything from food recommendations to hikes, to activities in the area, it was a very, very thorough.

The Bathroom

In the Bathroom as you can see the bathtub on the left-hand side has these really beautiful grey and next to the bathtub is the toilet and the sinking sea you also have a nice mirror off on one side or right on top of the sink and actually then you also have more storage up to some more towel, all the basic bath in this house.

The Bedroom

In the bedroom the interior design, all the decorations in this space, everything from the whitewashed walls to all the bedding, to all the paintings and the curtains, just perfectly matched, in my opinion, the rest of the decor in this school house.

The loft Bedroom

This is your loft bedroom You have a nice king-size bed and a little chair then on one end, and plenty of natural light was beaming in when I shot this. You have a fan then as well, some more nice decorations, some more paintings, and on one end you have a bedside table and some more decorations as well.

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