Vista A-Frame Cabin: A Rustic Retreat In Kachina Village

Nestled high in the A-Frame Cabin towering pines of Kachina Village, less than 15 minutes from downtown Flagstaff and 25 minutes from the base of Snowbowl Ski Mountain, the Vista A-Frame Cabin offers a truly enchanting getaway experience.


Its name, “Vista,” is aptly derived from the breathtaking panorama of soaring pines set against an endless backdrop of blue skies.

The Living Room: Classic Comfort Meets A-Frame Charm

Upon entering the Vista A-Frame Cabin, guests are greeted with the classic A-frame cabin style they know and love. The interior exudes warmth, thanks to the log walls that frame the space.

On one side of the cabin, a cathedral ceiling reaches for the heavens, while on the other side, a lofted space adds an extra dimension to the welcoming ambiance.


The living room serves as the heart of the cabin, boasting a cozy fireplace surrounded by inviting sofas and chairs. A rustic dining table stands proudly on the far wall, flanked by windows that flood the space with natural light.

It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a hearty meal or simply bask in the tranquil views of the surrounding forest. One can’t help but appreciate the rustic elements that permeate every corner of the living room.


From the log frames on the tables and chairs to the carefully chosen artistic pieces like the quilt hanging on the wall, everything in this space transports you back in time, creating a nostalgic and comforting atmosphere.

The Kitchen: A Blend of Functionality and Style

Moving from the living room to the kitchen, you’ll notice a delightful play of contrasts. Light-stained cabinets gracefully contrast with dark granite countertops, creating an appealing visual balance.

The open counter space provides ample room for food preparation, making it a haven for those who love to cook.


A corner nook adds to the charm, offering a potential spot for a cozy coffee station or a convenient storage area.

Stainless steel appliances complete the kitchen’s modern amenities while blending seamlessly with the rustic theme.


The Dining Table: Where Meals and Memories Converge

Adjacent to the living space, the Vista A-Frame Cabin features a cozy corner dining table. Situated beside the corner kitchen, this area forms the heart of the cabin’s culinary delights.

A-Frame Cabin

A wooden bar with dark countertops adds character to the space, while stainless steel appliances stand ready in the background, making it a welcoming environment for preparing home-cooked meals.

The Bedroom: Rustic Elegance and Modern Comfort

The bedrooms in this cabin are a testament to rustic elegance meeting modern comfort.

One of the bedrooms showcases log walls, wood floors, and rustic beams above the bed, creating an atmosphere that is both cozy and authentically rustic. It’s a room that makes you feel like you’re staying in a cabin straight out of a storybook.

A-Frame Cabin

Another bedroom in the cabin takes a slightly more modern approach. Painted walls and wood wainscoting come together seamlessly, combining rustic and modern aesthetics delightfully.

It offers guests a choice between two distinct yet equally comfortable bedroom experiences.

The Bathroom: A Spa-Like Oasis

The master bathroom is a spacious sanctuary within the Vista A-Frame Cabin. With its granite countertops and light wood cabinets, it exudes a sense of luxury.

However, it’s the custom wood medicine cabinets that steal the spotlight as one of the cabin’s most charming and unique features.

A-Frame Cabin

But the pièce de résistance in this bathroom is undoubtedly the extra-large two-person modern shower with a glass door.

Stepping into it is like entering a private spa, where you can rejuvenate and unwind in the comfort of your cabin.

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