Stay Frame A-Frame Cabin: Where Rustic Meets Modern Comfort

When it comes to finding the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Stay Frame A-Frame Cabin offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern comfort.


Nestled on a wooded acre, this 900-square-foot cabin is a hidden gem that promises a memorable getaway for those seeking a tranquil nature retreat.

A Warm Welcome in the Living Room

As you step into the Stay Frame A-Frame Cabin, you’ll find yourself immediately captivated by its warm and inviting living room.

The entryway leads directly into the heart of the cabin, with a loft above and a set of stairs to the left. But what truly stands out is the sunken living room space that greets you with open arms.


The living room is a perfect representation of the cabin’s rustic charm. Full open log beams stretch across the top of the room, not only providing structural support but also enhancing the overall aesthetic.

In the center of it all, a striking stone fireplace acts as both a source of warmth and a statement piece that ties the entire layout together.

It’s the kind of place where you can imagine cozying up with a good book or simply unwinding in front of a crackling fire after a day of exploring the outdoors.

The Heart of the Home: The Kitchen

Moving from the living room to the kitchen, you’ll be delighted by the cabin’s clever design. The kitchen is tucked into a corner, featuring a tiled countertop that adds a touch of Southwestern flair to the space.

The classic wood cabinets, with their varying sizes and ample storage space, make it easy to keep your pantry supplies, cookware, dinnerware, and small appliances neatly organized.


What’s particularly striking is the juxtaposition of the modern stainless steel appliances against the backdrop of the rustic cabin.

This blend of contemporary convenience with the timeless charm of an A-Frame cabin creates an inviting and functional family-style kitchen, perfect for preparing simple meals and entertaining guests.

Gather ‘Round: The Dining Table

The dining area in the StAy Frame A-Frame Cabin strikes a perfect balance between elegance and practicality.

A-Frame Cabin

The generously sized table is more than capable of hosting a formal dinner party, yet it’s also convenient enough for daily family meals.

Whether you’re sharing a special occasion with loved ones or simply enjoying a casual breakfast, this dining space is sure to accommodate your needs.

The Cozy Retreat: The Bedroom

As the day turns to night, you’ll find that the master bedroom is the epitome of coziness. Tucked away behind the living space and sharing the other side of that charming fireplace, this room offers a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

A-Frame Cabin

It’s a space designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, complete with an ensuite bathroom and a private door that leads out to the back deck and yard. Imagine waking up to the sight of nature’s beauty right outside your window.

Simply Comfortable: The Bathroom

The bathrooms in the StAy Frame A-Frame Cabin are a testament to simplicity and comfort. Light wood A-Frame cabinetry pairs harmoniously with white countertops, creating a clean and soothing ambiance.

A-Frame Cabin

Whether you prefer a relaxing bath or a quick shower, this thoughtfully designed floor plan provides you with options to suit your preferences.

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