From Number 698 to Beach Bum: Bagel the Cat Finds Furever Home!

Imagine never having a name, just a number. That was Bagel’s life for five years! This tabby cat wasn’t lounging in sunbeams or chasing feathery toys – he was stuck in a cage, part of an animal testing lab.

But wait! This isn’t all sad meow-meow music. Brave folks from the Beagle Freedom Project (they help all animals, not just beagles!) stepped in. They bought the whole lab and turned it into a kitty paradise!

Hundreds of cats, including our number-tagged friend, were finally free. Erin, a kind lady who recently lost her furry companions, heard about these rescued kitties. Her heart ached to give a cat a loving home.

She flew all the way to Oklahoma (that’s a long flight for cuddles!), and when she met Bagel, it was love at first purr! Since he never had a name, Erin gave him the perfect one – Bagel, because he’s round and adorable (and maybe a little bit because Erin loves breakfast treats!).

The saddest part? Erin learned these cats were actually very friendly because the lab workers wanted them to be calm for… well, you know, experiments. They were even kept a little hungry to make them eager. Ugh, that’s just not right!

But Erin was about to change everything for Bagel. They flew back to Miami (beach life, here they come!), and for the first time ever, Bagel had a safe place to call his own. No more cages, no more scary stuff!

At first, Bagel was a little scared. New place, new human, who knows what goes on here? He spent a few days hiding in the bathroom, probably thinking, “Is this some kind of fancy cage?”

But Erin was patient, showering Bagel with love and yummy food (no more hunger games here!). Slowly, Bagel realized this amazing place with the giant window (perfect for bird-watching!) was actually his forever home.

Erin even got him a basket full of toys, but hey, a cat gotta learn the ropes of playtime, right? At first, Bagel just sat in the basket, surrounded by his new treasures, probably wondering, “What are these fuzzy things supposed to do?” But with a little time and encouragement, Bagel became a toy-chasing pro!

The best part? Bagel loves cuddles. He probably spent so long locked away that he wants to make up for lost snuggle time. Erin doesn’t mind one bit – extra cuddles are the best!

This story is a heartwarming reminder that even after a rough start, happy endings are purrfectly possible. Thanks to Erin’s big heart, Bagel is living the good life, soaking up the sun and dreaming of fishy treats. You can follow Bagel’s adventures on Instagram – he’s a star in the making!

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