Owner Startled When Cat Returns Home Wearing A “Receipt” Around His Neck

Ever wondered where your cat disappears to when they go out? Well, this tabby cat’s adventure might give you a clue!

This handsome tabby lives with his loving owners but occasionally takes off on little “adventures.” One time, he vanished for three whole days! His worried owners had no idea where he’d gone. But then, the clever boy returned home, looking as pleased as punch.

Source: Changpuaksiam

Why so smug, you ask? Well, turns out, he’d been enjoying a three-day fish feast! And get this, he even brought home the “receipt” to prove it.

Turns out, this sneaky feline had been hanging around a fish stall, eyeing the mackerels like they were the last can of tuna on Earth. The kindhearted fishmonger, noticing the cat’s intense craving, couldn’t resist. He treated the kitty to three delicious mackerels!

Source: Changpuaksiam

But here’s the kicker: the vendor also slipped a note around the cat’s neck. It read: “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three.” And to make things even more interesting, the fishmonger included his phone number so the owners could settle the debt.

Can you imagine the owner’s surprise when they found this note hanging around their furry friend’s neck? They were amused, to say the least! They shared their cat’s hilarious escapade on Facebook, along with the caption: “Gone 3 days, back with debts.

Source: Changpuaksiam

This story is a heartwarming reminder of the unexpected joys and laughter our pets bring into our lives. Who knows what other mischief this clever cat will get up to next? But one thing’s for sure, he’ll always have a full belly and a funny story to tell.

So, the next time your cat goes missing, don’t panic. They might be out there racking up a tab on some delicious fish! Just remember, it’s all part of the adventure of being a cat owner.

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