The Best A-Frame Cabin The Chal-A Home Tour & Review

Nestled between the Stratton and Mt. Snow ski areas, The Chal-A A-Frame Cabin beckons with promises of both form and function. This rustic abode, aptly named for its charming design, invites visitors to hit the slopes, savor local brews, and embark on unforgettable adventures.


Join us on a virtual home tour and review as we explore the delightful features that make The Chal-A a haven for those seeking a perfect blend of comfort and style.

The Living Room: Where Warmth Meets Spacious Elegance

As you step onto the main floor, a sense of warmth and spaciousness envelops you. The open floor plan reveals a corner kitchen, a dining space, and an extra-large living area.

The piece de resistance is undoubtedly the custom stone fireplace with a log mantle—a gorgeous homage to the classic A-Frame cabin style that defines this retreat.


The living room’s design not only captivates with its beauty but also ensures ample space for family relaxation and entertainment.

Whether you envision setting up board games on the coffee table or settling in for a movie night,

The Chal-A’s living room provides the perfect backdrop for cherished moments. The generous layout invites families or friends to come together and create lasting memories against the backdrop of a crackling fireplace.

The Kitchen: Culinary Adventures Await

Moving seamlessly from the living room, the kitchen at The Chal-A is a culinary enthusiast’s dream.


Stocked with sharp knives, vintage cookware, and tableware, it beckons you to shuck oysters, crack open lobsters, mix up cocktails, and create delightful charcuterie boards.

The high-end gas range ensures that every meal is a masterpiece, and for warmer months, an outside charcoal BBQ awaits, providing an opportunity for al fresco culinary adventures.

The Dining Table: Intimate Family Gatherings

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining table at The Chal-A may not have a separate room, but its open plan creates a charming area perfect for intimate family gatherings.

A-Frame Cabin

The L-shaped arrangement ensures that meals are enjoyed near the kitchen, fostering a sense of togetherness and relaxation.

The Bedroom: Loft-Style Luxury

Ascending to the loft-style bedroom, The Chal-A continues to impress. A queen mattress rests on a vintage teak bed, adorned with high-end linens, feather duvet, and feather pillows.

A-Frame Cabin

The bedroom opens up to a private rooftop deck, offering a secluded retreat to soak in the mountain views or stargaze on clear nights. Sink into comfort and let the serenity of The Chal-A’s bedroom envelop you.

The Bathroom: A Pampering Oasis

The bathroom at The Chal-A is a luxurious oasis, boasting a beautiful walk-in shower and a very large soaking tub.

A-Frame Cabin

Every detail is meticulously curated to pamper guests, with glamorous extras ensuring a spa-like experience. It’s not just a bathroom; it’s a retreat within a retreat, inviting you to indulge and rejuvenate.

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