Lakefront Luxury Experience Tranquility In Our A-Frame Cabin

Nestled on the shores of Lake Minterwood, our retro A-Frame Cabin beckons those seeking a perfect blend of vintage charm and modern comfort. Step into a world where nature meets nostalgia, and tranquility becomes a daily companion.


In this home tour and review, we’ll explore the distinct features that make this A-Frame Cabin a haven of lakefront luxury.

The Kitchen: A Culinary Retreat

As you enter our A-Frame Cabin, you’re greeted by a kitchen that seamlessly merges style and functionality. Tucked into a corner nook just off the front door, the “L-shaped” layout maximizes space and provides ample storage.


The dark granite countertops against light woodgrain create a visually stunning contrast, evoking a sense of warmth and sophistication. Stainless steel appliances not only add a touch of modernity but also maintain the rustic ambiance that defines the cabin’s charm.

The Dining Table: Family-style Gatherings

Adjacent to the kitchen and overlooking the sunroom/porch, the dining table becomes a focal point for family-style gatherings. Its size is perfect for intimate meals, yet flexible enough to accommodate a larger table for those who prefer it.


With a combination of bench and chair seating, the dining area exudes a casual elegance that encourages lingering conversations and shared moments.

The Bedroom: Rustic Retreat

The heartbeat of this A-Frame Cabin is undoubtedly the master bedroom. Generously sized, it offers a personal exit to the porch, providing an idyllic escape to nature. The rustic aesthetics of the bedroom create a cozy retreat, inviting you to unwind and recharge.


The seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors makes this space a private sanctuary, allowing you to wake up to the gentle rustle of leaves and the calming sounds of the lake.

The Bathroom: Spa-like Serenity

Designed with careful consideration, the bathroom enhances the overall experience with its cohesive use of tile. Matching both the floor and the shower, the space exudes a spa-like serenity.


The rustic elements combined with thoughtful design choices make this bathroom a comfortable and inviting space, contributing to the overall ambiance of the cabin.

The Outside: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Beyond the cabin walls, a world of outdoor indulgence awaits. Unwind in a stylish retreat featuring a sauna, hot tub, and a cold plunge experience. As you immerse yourself in these amenities, watch the vibrant wildlife awaken around you.


The outside of our A-Frame Cabin isn’t just an extension – it’s an integral part of the experience, connecting you with the natural beauty of Lake Minterwood.


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