The Best A-Frame Cabin And Lovely House Decor Inside

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Mtskheta City, Village Saguramo, lies a hidden gem that promises an unforgettable retreat: the Dreamtime Best A-Frame Cabin, affectionately known as Loose & Moose.


With its striking architecture and modern amenities, this cabin beckons travelers seeking solace in nature without compromising on comfort.

A Living Room with a View

Step inside the cabin, and you’ll find yourself in a spacious and inviting living room. The 1,100 square feet of space is designed to maximize comfort and relaxation.

A focal point of the room is the gas fireplace, radiating warmth and creating a cozy ambiance that is perfect for chilly evenings.


Sink into the plush leather sofa or recline in the sleek armchair, as you unwind and recharge amidst the flickering flames.

With a SmartTV for entertainment and Bluetooth speakers for your favorite tunes, the living room is the ultimate retreat for leisure and enjoyment.


Kitchen Delights: Where Rustic Meets Modern

Adjacent to the living room is the stylish kitchen, a culinary haven for food enthusiasts. The sage-green wood log cabinetry and elegant white countertops exude a timeless charm, while luxury stainless steel appliances elevate the cooking experience.


Whether whipping up a gourmet meal or brewing a cup of coffee, the kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need. From a French press to a blender, every culinary tool is at your disposal, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable cooking experience.

The Dining Table: Gather ‘Round the Fireplace

Sharing a wall with the living room fireplace, the dining area exudes warmth and intimacy. Gather around the table with loved ones, as you indulge in delicious meals and engaging conversations.

Best a-frame cabin

Whether it’s a hearty breakfast to start the day or a cozy dinner by the fire, the dining table provides the perfect setting for memorable moments with family and friends.

The Bedroom: Cozy Retreats for Restful Nights

As the day draws to a close, retreat to the master bedroom for a restful night’s sleep. Ascend the stairs to find a sanctuary of comfort and luxury, complete with a king-sized Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress and high-quality linens.

Best a-frame cabin

With a 55″ flatscreen Roku TV for entertainment, you can enjoy a movie night in bed or simply unwind with your favorite show before drifting off to sleep.

The Bathroom: Soaking in Luxury

The charm of Loose & Moose extends to the bathroom, where relaxation meets elegance. Step into the intimate space adorned with natural grey-green stones, reminiscent of a tranquil cave retreat.

Best a-frame cabin

The soothing ambiance invites you to indulge in a leisurely shower, accompanied by the gentle sound of cascading water. With a cozy seat to linger and unwind, the bathroom offers a sanctuary of rejuvenation and tranquility.

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