A Home Tour Of A Scandinavian A-Frame Cabin In Big Bear Lake

Nestled on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake in the quaint and historic town of Fawnskin, a fully renovated Scandinavian-inspired A-Frame cabin stands as a testament to modern luxury harmonizing with nature’s beauty.


This enchanting retreat offers a perfect blend of comfort and elegance, inviting residents to immerse themselves in the tranquility of Big Bear Lake.

The Living Room Experience

Upon entering, the open floor plan greets you, creating an inviting space ideal for families or those who love to entertain.


The living room seamlessly connects with the dining area and kitchen, ensuring everyone can stay connected while enjoying private conversations.

What catches the eye is the beautifully designed staircase to the second floor, acting not only as a functional element but also as an elegant room divider. The intricate details add a touch of sophistication without overpowering the room.


The Kitchen and Loft

Step into the kitchen, and you’re greeted with new hardwood floors, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and modern appliances from 2020.


The vintage gas fireplace exudes warmth and romance, setting the perfect ambiance. For those with culinary inclinations, the gourmet kitchen is appointed for an executive chef, making every meal preparation a delightful experience.

The loft bedroom above adds a unique vantage point to appreciate the architectural vastness of the A-Frame.

A-Frame Cabin

The Bedroom Retreats

The cabin features two comfortable bedrooms adorned with high-end designer touches. A recent full renovation has brought a sense of modernity while preserving the cozy atmosphere.

The main living area, spanning a comfortable 874 square feet, hosts the master bedroom and bath on the main floor.

A-Frame Cabin

An open loft room, equipped with smart home updates and a full Sonos sound system, complements the space, creating a harmonious blend of classic design and contemporary convenience.

The 23-foot vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows amplify the sense of space and connection with nature.

The Charming Bathroom

One cannot help but appreciate the thoughtful design in the guest bathroom, where a rustic scene depicted on a beautiful light fixture adds a touch of charm.

A-Frame Cabin

The attention to detail in this space exemplifies the commitment to both aesthetics and functionality throughout the cabin.

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