Rustic Retreat: Dive Into The A-Frame Cabin Experience

Need room to breathe? You’ll find it in the a-frame cabin vacation rental’s private quarters – like the attached studio – as well as the open deck. Here, time is best spent on the waters of Gold Lake and the trails of Plumas-Eureka!


A Living Room with a View

Step into the main living space adorned with a unique antler chandelier, setting the tone for the cabin’s rustic elegance. The atmosphere is a seamless fusion of classic “cabin in the woods” decor and modern elements.


A central wood-burning stove and a stunning fireplace with intricate stonework become the heart of the room, offering not just warmth but also a visual spectacle.

The A-Frame Cabin invites you to unwind in a space where rusticity meets contemporary comfort, creating a truly inviting ambiance.

Kitchen Delights: Where Rustic Meets Modern

The open kitchen beckons with modern appliances seamlessly integrated into the cabin’s design. An island, not just a practical workspace but a potential breakfast nook, adds versatility to the culinary space.


A unique detail that catches the eye is the hanging rack above the stove, where pots and pans find both storage and display.

The A-Frame Cabin’s kitchen is a testament to functionality meeting aesthetics, providing an ideal space for culinary adventures.

The Dining Table: Formal Elegance and Family Fun

A harmonious combination of a corner kitchen nook and a dining area creates a space where family-style meals are effortlessly enjoyed.

A-Frame Cabin

The proximity of the dining table to the kitchen ensures convenience while the tile backsplash adds a touch of sophistication.

The A-Frame Cabin understands the importance of shared meals in a home and caters to it with an environment that is both welcoming and practical.

The Bedrooms: Personal Retreats

Enter the master bedroom, a spacious sanctuary within the A-Frame Cabin. A private gas fireplace nestled in the corner adds warmth and charm to the room.

A-Frame Cabin

Modern aesthetics come into play with a green wall behind the bed, creating a delightful contrast against the encompassing wood ceilings, floors, and walls. The bedroom is a haven of tranquility, offering a retreat within a retreat.

The Bathroom: A Marvel of Design

No luxury escape is complete without a stunning en suite bathroom. The A-Frame Cabin doesn’t disappoint, featuring a jacuzzi bathtub for ultimate relaxation and a corner shower for a touch of modernity.

A-Frame Cabin

The bathroom is not merely functional but a testament to the overall beauty and welcoming atmosphere that defines the entire cabin. It’s a private spa-like retreat that fulfills both desires and needs.

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