A Cat That is Being Rescued From the Ceiling Goes Viral With Its Grumpy Expression

Have you heard of the kitty who went viral, not for being a hero, but for having a hilarious grumpy face? This cat’s expression was priceless, as if to say, “Took you long enough!”

The story begins with firefighters getting a strange call: crying coming from an apartment ceiling! Not knowing exactly where it was coming from, a team of animal rescuers rushed to the scene. They listened for the meows, used special tools to locate the trapped feline, and carefully cut a hole in the ceiling.

What they found wasn’t a scared cat, but a grumpy tabby cat sitting in the corner! They named the cat “Felis Frustratus,” which means “Grumpy Cat” in Latin. It had a frown that could melt ice, and seemed more confused than thankful!

Source: Facebook

The rescue team shared a photo of the “curious cat” on Facebook. Even though the kitty was probably happy to be free, people online saw something else. The grumpy photo became a sensation! People couldn’t get enough of Felis Frustratus’ unimpressed attitude. Jokes and memes flooded the internet.

But behind that wrinkled forehead was a scared kitty. Being trapped in a ceiling is no fun, and Felis Frustratus was surely relieved to be safe.

The rescuers ensured the kitty received the medical care it needed, and hopefully, found a loving home where it can feel safe and loved, without ever having to worry about getting stuck in a ceiling again.

This grumpy cat’s story is a reminder to rescue and care for our furry friends. After all, behind every frown, there’s a kitty waiting for love and a safe place to call home.

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