It Looks Like This Cat Stole His Mom’s Boyfriend, Making Her a Third Wheel

If you’re a cat lover with a partner, you know the joy of seeing them bond with your furry friend. But what happens when your cat decides your boyfriend is their boyfriend? Well, Kat Newquist from Colorado found herself in this hilarious predicament.

A few years back, Kat rescued a pregnant stray cat and decided to keep one of the kittens, a ginger fluffball named Dave. Little did she know that Dave was about to stage a coup, stealing her boyfriend Jackson’s heart (and lap!)

It all started when tiny Dave took a tumble off the bed. Jackson swooped in like a superhero, saving the day (and the kitten). From that moment, Dave was smitten.

He’d follow Jackson around like a devoted shadow, meowing at the door if his beloved human dared to leave the house. It was a bromance for the ages.

Jackson, working from home one day, decided to enjoy the patio. Dave, however, had other plans. He wailed dramatically from the window, demanding his human back inside for snuggles. It was clear who was in charge!

Desperate for a piece of the action, Kat resorted to extreme measures. She dressed up as Jackson, even splashing on his cologne. Sadly, Dave wasn’t fooled. He sniffed out the imposter and gave her the cold shoulder.

Though Kat may be the third wheel in this unusual love triangle, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She’s thrilled that her two favorite guys adore each other, even if it means sharing the cuddles. After all, what’s a little friendly competition when it comes to love?

If you want to keep up with this adorable (and slightly complicated) family, be sure to follow them on Instagram. It’s a daily dose of laughter and heartwarming moments, proving that love comes in all shapes and sizes, even the furry kind!

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