Nestled amidst nature’s embrace, the Willow Treehouse stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity and serene retreats.

Renowned as one of the top-rated Airbnbs in the country, this ultramodern tiny home has captivated hearts and been featured by prominent publications like “Travel + Leisure,” “New York Times,”

And “House Beautiful.” In this comprehensive exploration, we unravel the magic dwelling within the Willow Treehouse, step by step.

Walk-Up & Firewood:

Embarking on the journey towards Willow Treehouse is a sensory delight.

The winding path leads to the revelation of a strikingly modern structure that promises an escape into nature’s tranquility.

The abundance of firewood along the way hints at the warmth that awaits within the crackling indoor fireplace and the bubbling hot tub beckon, promising a haven of relaxation.

Deck & Pond:

The transition from the path to the deck beneath the treehouse is a moment of serene revelation. Two chairs, a table, and strategically placed firewood set the stage for a tranquil outdoor experience.

The deck overlooks a private pond, offering a picturesque setting for contemplation, relaxation, and the simple joy of being surrounded by nature.

Hot Tub:

The hot tub experience at Willow Treehouse is far from conventional.

Reminiscent of Nordic traditions, starting a fire initiates a gradual warming of the water—a truly authentic and therapeutic encounter.

The view from the hot tub frames the majestic treehouse against the backdrop, creating a visual symphony of modern architecture and natural beauty.


The exterior of Willow Treehouse is a masterpiece in itself. The avant-garde design, reminiscent of sci-fi aesthetics, evokes a sense of wonder.

It stands as a modern-day AT-AT from “Star Wars,” each angle capturing the essence of futurism. As night falls, the lights transform the structure into an ethereal spectacle, transporting visitors to a realm of enchantment.

Living Room & Fireplace:

As soon as guests enter the main area, they are greeted by the charming atmosphere of a rustic cabin.

The lack of cell phone reception and Wi-Fi in this location encourages a more authentic connection with the natural world, and civilization is relegated to a secondary role.

There is an abundance of skylights and windows, which results in a natural integration with the surrounding environment.

This area is characterized by the presence of an indoor fireplace, which serves as a constant companion and emits a warm and comfortable warmth.

Loft Bedroom:

Upon reaching the loft, a peaceful place to sleep is waiting for you.

Creating an environment that is both personal and captivating, the area is filled with natural light thanks to the presence of angled windows and skylights.

Despite its seeming lack of complexity, the bed is really comfortable, and it serves as a vantage point from which to take in the beautiful views that are provided by the unusual windows.


The Willow Treehouse features a kitchen that is a marvel of contemporary functionality, despite its small size.

Despite having a relatively little square footage, it is equipped with a variety of appliances, which surprised guests with its high level of efficiency.

In addition to providing all of the conveniences that are required for a pleasant stay, the kitchen is a beautiful example of careful design.

Bathroom & Shower:

In the bathroom, elegance and functionality are combined in a smooth manner. Although it has a restricted amount of area, it satisfies all of the requirements.

A delightful bathing experience is provided by the shower, which features a rainfall showerhead. Adequate storage space ensures that the shower is convenient to use.

Meditation & Yoga Room:

At the far end of Willow Treehouse lies a room with a unique purpose. Referred to as the meditation and yoga space, it radiates peace and tranquility. With a desk, shelves, and abundant storage, this room invites guests to engage in reflection, meditation, or a gentle yoga session—a retreat within a retreat.


Willow Treehouse transcends the boundaries of a mere dwelling; it offers an immersive experience.

The delicate fusion of modernity and nature creates an unparalleled retreat, encouraging guests to disconnect, rejuvenate, and savor the beauty of simplicity entwined with intricate design.

From the enchanting exterior to the cozy living spaces, every facet of Willow Treehouse beckons travelers to embark on a journey of serenity and architectural marvel. It stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in crafting spaces that resonate with the soul.

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