Exploring The Allure Of Sugar Pine Haus A-Frame Cabin

Nestled in the picturesque Sierra National Forest, just 12 miles south of the a-frame cabin south gate of Yosemite National Park and a stone’s throw away from the enchanting Bass Lake, lies a true gem of mid-century architecture – Sugar Pine Haus.


Built-in 1961, this A-Frame cabin is not just a shelter; it’s a time capsule, a haven that seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern comforts. Join us as we embark on a virtual tour of Sugar Pine Haus, uncovering the allure that makes it a sought-after A-Frame destination.

The Living Room: Vintage Warmth and Modern Comforts

As you step inside Sugar Pine Haus, the living room welcomes you with open arms, exuding a warmth that transcends decades.

A split unit ensures your comfort with heating and cooling, complemented by a beautiful wood-burning stove that adds to the aesthetics and efficiently heats the entire home.


For those extra chilly nights, an additional space heater stands ready to cocoon you in warmth (Note: guests provide their firewood).

The living room isn’t just functional; it’s a space that tells a story – modernized yet retaining the old-world quirkiness that defines A-Frame living.


The Kitchen: Small but Sweet, Packed with Nostalgia

Sugar Pine Haus proudly wears its vintage A-Frame facts, and the kitchen is no exception. Lovingly maintained, this cabin may not be a new build, but it boasts a kitchen that is small, sweet, and fully equipped.

Modern appliances, including an electric stove/oven, fridge, and microwave, stand ready to assist in creating fabulous at-home meals.


However, it’s important to note the absence of a dishwasher – a conscious choice to preserve the simplicity and charm of the A-Frame era.

And don’t forget the coffee machine – an essential companion to kickstart your mornings amidst the pine-scented air.

The Bedroom: Where Luxury Meets Coziness

The main downstairs bedroom at Sugar Pine Haus invites you to unwind in a queen-sized bed adorned with a beautiful headboard. Luxury is not spared here, with white sheets, duvets, and pillows that promise a restful night’s sleep.

A-Frame Cabin

Ascend to the loft, and you’ll discover two full-size beds awaiting, accompanied by a private patio – an ideal spot for your morning coffee ritual or stargazing before retiring for the night.

Both the bedroom and loft offer ample closet space, ensuring you have all you need for a comfortable stay.

The Bathroom: A Rustic Scene of Serenity

One of the subtle highlights of Sugar Pine Haus is found in the guest bathroom. The lighting fixture, casting a warm glow over a rustic scene, adds a touch of serenity to your daily rituals.

A-Frame Cabin

It’s a small yet significant detail that contributes to the overall charm of this A-Frame haven.

The Outside: Nature’s Stage

Step outside onto the deck, where nature takes center stage. A dining table with seating for six awaits, accompanied by a quaint vintage-style umbrella providing shade during the summer months.

A-Frame Cabin

The deck wraps around to the front, where a vintage Victorian bistro table invites you to sit and enjoy libations.

Keep your eyes peeled; on any given day, you might be treated to a guest appearance by the local flock of wild turkeys, a herd of deer, or the melodies of native birds – a reminder that you’re surrounded by the beauty of Sierra National Forest.

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