Exploring Geno’s Groovy Getaway: A-Frame Cabin Tour & Review

Nestled just minutes away from the majestic Monarch Mountain, Geno’s Groovy Getaway stands as a testament to the perfect a-frame cabin fusion of rustic charm and modern luxury.


This A-Frame cabin, situated in the funky little town of Garfield, beckons adventurers, and nature enthusiasts alike to make it their base camp for Rocky Mountain escapades.

The Living Room: A Haven of Warmth and Welcoming Spaces

As you step into Geno’s Groovy Getaway, the first thing that captures your attention is the breathtaking beauty of classic cathedral ceilings and exposed beams.

The living room, or the great room as it’s fondly referred to, exemplifies a welcoming atmosphere perfect for daily life with family.


One wall of the great room boasts a large stone fireplace, a centerpiece that not only adds warmth to the entire home but also serves as a visual delight.

The rough-hewn log mantle and a designated space within the wall for wood storage showcase the marriage of beauty and functionality. It’s not just a fireplace; it’s a statement piece that makes the entire family room cozier, especially during the cold winter months.

The Kitchen: Where Rustic Meets Functional Elegance

One of the standout features of Geno’s A-Frame Cabin is undoubtedly the kitchen. Real logs grace the side walls and beams on the ceiling, creating a unique and inviting ambiance. Behind the stove, a distinctive log accent against the wall adds to the charm.


The kitchen doesn’t just impress with its aesthetics; it’s also highly functional. Open counter spaces and ample cabinets provide plenty of room for storing kitchen essentials.

The combination of beauty and practicality makes this kitchen a favorite among visitors, turning every meal preparation into a delightful experience.

A-Frame Cabin

The Bedroom: Rustic Comfort and Modern Flexibility

Moving into the bedrooms, the rustic charm continues to unfold. Geno, the owner, has added a touch of nostalgia by incorporating a gorgeous hand-crafted log bed.

The result is a perfect blend of the past and the present, offering a cozy retreat for anyone seeking solace in the heart of nature.

A-Frame Cabin

What makes Geno’s approach to bedroom design noteworthy is its flexibility. Whether you prefer a fully rustic aesthetic or want to introduce modern elements, the bedrooms serve as a canvas for personalization.

It’s not just a place to sleep; it’s a haven that adapts to your style and preferences.

The Bathroom: A Sanctuary of Luxury and Space

Geno’s Groovy Getaway extends its commitment to comfort into the bathroom, creating a sanctuary of luxury and space. The open wall design gives an illusion of more significant space, and if additional storage is needed, there’s ample room for customization.

A-Frame Cabin

The master bathroom elevates the experience with a large tiled shower, adding a touch of opulence to the daily routine. It’s a testament to how Geno’s A-Frame Cabin manages to seamlessly blend rustic charm with modern amenities, providing a truly luxurious experience for its guests.

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