Experience Tranquility In The Treeframe A-Frame House

Nestled in the A-Frame House heart of nature, among the towering trees of Index, Washington, lies a true gem for those seeking the perfect blend of modern comfort and rustic charm—the Treeframe A-Frame House.


This unique dwelling, available for rent on Airbnb, offers an enchanting retreat that beckons travelers to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the natural world while enjoying the comforts of a beautifully designed home.

The Exterior: Where Simplicity Meets Functionality

The Treeframe A-Frame House stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity. Its iconic A-Frame structure effortlessly blends with the surrounding wilderness, creating a harmonious coexistence between man-made design and Mother Nature’s creations.

The exterior of the house is a sight to behold, showcasing the stunning backdrop of lush forests and majestic mountains.


It’s the perfect setting for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The exterior amenities of the Treeframe A-Frame House enhance the experience further. Guests can indulge in leisurely activities such as birdwatching, hiking, or simply basking in the serenity of the woods.

The spacious deck offers a great spot for morning coffee or evening stargazing, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Kitchen Delights: Where Rustic Meets Modern

Stepping inside the Treeframe A-Frame House, the first thing that captures your attention is the corner kitchen. Here, you’ll find an extra-large stove, two ovens, and a modern smart refrigerator, making meal preparation a joy for culinary enthusiasts.

The wooden A-Frame beams blend seamlessly with the décor, offering both storage and aesthetics. A custom island bar serves as a versatile workspace and doubles as a cozy breakfast nook.


One of the standout features of the kitchen is the thoughtful design of the island, which incorporates a bar for a breakfast nook while maintaining ample storage space.

This design ensures that everything you need is within arm’s reach, without cluttering the kitchen space.

A-Frame House

Master Bedroom Bliss: Cozy Retreat with a View

The Treeframe A-Frame House boasts upstairs bedrooms adorned with dormer windows, providing additional space for a dresser, chest of drawers, or a comfortable chair.

A-Frame House

Each bedroom in this remarkable home features large closets, ensuring that you can unpack and make yourself truly at home.

Furthermore, the charming window seats built beneath the dormer windows provide an ideal spot for quiet contemplation or reading a book while basking in the natural light.

The Bathroom: Masterful Design and Luxury

Adjacent to the master bedroom is a modern and beautifully designed bathroom. The large, tile-lined shower with a glass enclosure creates a sense of spaciousness, allowing you to unwind in style.

A-Frame House

The juxtaposition of rustic log walls against this contemporary space adds a touch of unique character, making every visit to the bathroom an experience in itself.


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