A-Frame Cabin Living: Experience Luxury In Nature’s Embrace

Nestled high on Ptarmigan Mountain, a hidden gem awaits those seeking the perfect A-Frame Cabin blend of cozy comfort and breathtaking natural beauty.


The Cozy A-Frame Cabin offers a unique retreat that feels like a world away from civilization. Yet, it’s just minutes from restaurants, stores, hiking trails, rivers, skiing slopes, and countless other activities.

The Living Room: Your Cozy Sanctuary

As you step inside the Cozy A-Frame Cabin, you’ll be greeted by an inviting living room that exudes warmth and charm.

With 800 square feet of living area, there’s ample space to relax and unwind after a day of adventure.

The highlight of this space is undoubtedly the open-air bedroom, accessed by a rustic ladder.

This unique sleeping area features a high-end queen memory foam mattress, ensuring a restful night’s sleep while allowing you to stargaze from the comfort of your bed.


For additional guests, a foldable queen memory foam mattress can be set up in the living room, providing comfortable accommodations without sacrificing the cabin’s cozy ambiance.

The couch can also serve as a sleeping space for one or two more people, making it perfect for a small family or a group of friends.

One of the advantages of the Cozy A-Frame Cabin is its spacious property, which offers just under an acre of space.

This ample outdoor area can accommodate multiple cars, including trailers and recreational vehicles, making it ideal for those who want to bring their outdoor toys and equipment.

The Kitchen: A Culinary Haven

The kitchen in this A-Frame cabin is a delight for chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

Its unique corner layout includes a charming bar at one end, creating the perfect breakfast nook to start your day off right.

A-Frame Cabin

Stainless steel appliances give the kitchen a modern touch. At the same time, a gas stove and an extra-large refrigerator provide the convenience of upscale amenities without overwhelming the cozy footprint of the cabin.

What truly sets this kitchen apart is its seamless transition to the mudroom/laundry room, which opens to the backside of the home.

A-Frame Cabin

This thoughtful design allows you to easily access the outdoors, whether you’re returning from a hike or need to do a load of laundry after a day of outdoor adventures.

The Bedroom: Rustic Elegance

The master bedroom in the Cozy A-Frame Cabin is a masterpiece of rustic elegance. The combination of white walls, distressed wood paneling, and beams creates a striking, cozy, and visually appealing contrast.

A-Frame Cabin

Large windows in the master bedroom offer stunning views of the natural beauty, allowing you to wake up to the sight of the mountains or fall asleep under a canopy of stars.

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