A-Frame Cabin Elegance: Unveiling Glacier Creek In Seward

Nestled in the heart of Seward, Alaska, the Glacier Creek A-Frame Cabin stands as a beacon of modern elegance in a natural wonderland. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of this captivating cabin, where luxury meets efficiency.


The Living Room: A Cozy Welcome

Upon entering the Glacier Creek A-Frame Cabin, guests are greeted by a living room that may be slightly smaller than traditional homes but is no less welcoming.

The focal point of this cozy space is undoubtedly the custom stone fireplace. It stands as a testament to craftsmanship and design, offering warmth and comfort from the moment you walk through the front door.


The living room’s layout invites you to unwind and relax. With comfortable seating arrangements and a fireplace that radiates both heat and ambiance, it’s the perfect place to snuggle up on a chilly Alaskan evening.

The A-Frame design of the cabin ensures that natural light floods the living area, creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.

The Kitchen: Modern Chic with a Country Twist

Adjacent to the living space, you’ll find the kitchen and dining area, which seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with a touch of country chic.

The red and white color scheme adds a delightful pop of color, with a small dining table featuring a red top and white chairs. The white cabinets and a red island in the background complement this stylish look.

A-Frame Cabin

In terms of functionality, this kitchen doesn’t disappoint. Modern appliances, ample counter space, and thoughtful storage solutions ensure that you have everything you need to whip up delicious meals during your stay.

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or just enjoy the occasional home-cooked meal, the Glacier Creek A-Frame Cabin’s kitchen has you covered.

The Bedroom: A Unique Loft Experience

The Glacier Creek Cabin takes a unique approach to the bedroom, offering an open loft space that might initially raise eyebrows. The bedroom, located in the loft, is open with only three walls.

While this concept may seem unconventional, it’s a perfect fit for this A-Frame cabin. The openness creates a sense of space and light that complements the cabin’s overall design.

One standout feature of the loft is the dormer window, strategically placed to flood the bedroom with natural light.

A-Frame Cabin

This window not only adds to the cabin’s charm but also provides breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty.

Additionally, the loft boasts its bathroom and closets, providing convenience and functionality.

While it may not have the traditional four-wall bedroom look, it’s an ideal space for a restful night’s sleep.

The Bathrooms: Small and Functional

The Glacier Creek A-Frame Cabin offers two bathrooms, each catering to different needs.

The upstairs bathroom, though compact, is well-designed and functional, featuring a corner shower, vanity, and toilet. It’s conveniently located for those staying in the loft bedroom.

A-Frame Cabin

Downstairs, on the main floor, you’ll find the second bathroom, which features a traditional bathtub and shower combination, a larger vanity with ample storage, and a toilet discreetly tucked behind a half wall for added privacy.

Having two bathrooms is a thoughtful touch, ensuring that guests have the convenience they need.

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