Nature’s Embrace: Dragonfly Landing A-Frame Cabin Home Tour

In the heart of the picturesque Arrowhead Woods lies a sanctuary that seamlessly merges modern comfort with the tranquility of the mountains – Dragonfly Landing A-Frame Cabin.


This pet-friendly haven invites nature lovers and those seeking a unique retreat to immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind experience. Join us on an exclusive home tour, exploring the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms that define the charm of this remarkable cabin.

The Living Room: A Rustic Oasis

As you step into Dragonfly Landing, the living room unfolds as the central hub of this A-frame wonder. The great room beckons with a blend of modern sophistication and rustic charm.

French doors on both sides of a stone fireplace lead to an expansive deck, providing panoramic views of Arrowhead Woods.

A-Frame Cabin

The trapezoid windows, a hallmark of A-frame design, adorn the walls, allowing natural light to dance within the space. A log beam runs along the center, enhancing the rustic allure of the cabin.

The formal family room setup boasts plush sofas, comfortable chairs, and a corner television, creating a cozy retreat after a day of exploring the natural surroundings.

The Kitchen: Where Modernity Meets Culinary Delight

Adjacent to the living room, the kitchen in Dragonfly Landing is a testament to thoughtful design.

A light countertop, paired with light wood A-frame cabinetry, sets the stage for culinary inspiration. Glass doors on select cabinets showcase a subtle elegance, and a dedicated rack for plates adds a touch of convenience.

A-Frame Cabin

This modern kitchen effortlessly integrates into the open living space, allowing the aroma of home-cooked meals to mingle with the crisp mountain air.

It’s a space where aesthetics and functionality harmonize, providing the perfect environment for culinary creativity.

The Bedroom: Cozy Retreat Amidst Nature’s Canvas

Connected to the kitchen space, the bedroom in Dragonfly Landing is a haven of serenity. The walls, adorned with a combination of logs and stones, create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


The open layout ensures ample space around the bed, with room for a sofa or loveseat for moments of relaxation. The careful balance of design elements and the integration of natural textures make this bedroom a retreat within a retreat.

The Bathroom: Personalized Comfort and Convenience

Dragonfly Landing caters to individual needs, offering various bathroom configurations. Whether it’s his and her baths or smaller bathrooms with single vanities, the cabin ensures personal comfort.

A-Frame Cabin

The combination of shower and bathtub exemplifies the thoughtfulness put into every detail. These bathrooms provide a private oasis, allowing residents to unwind and rejuvenate surrounded by the comforts of home.

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