Nature’s Embrace: A Home Tour Of The Stunning A-Frame Cabin

Nestled in the heart of the Mantiqueira mountains, at an impressive altitude of 1300 meters, there lies an architectural gem—an A-Frame Cabin that stands as a testament to the harmony between nature and human ingenuity.


In this virtual tour, we invite you to explore the intricacies of this breathtaking retreat, where every corner unfolds a story of rustic elegance and modern comfort.

The Living Room: Where Nature and Comfort Converge

Stepping inside, the open-concept layout immediately captures your attention. The living space, adorned with tasteful decor, effortlessly marries rustic charm with modern convenience.


Large windows frame picturesque views, allowing the natural light to flood the interior, creating a constant connection to the surrounding beauty. The cozy ambiance encourages relaxation, making it the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring the trails.


The Kitchen: Culinary Delight with a View

Moving to the heart of the cabin, the kitchen is a culinary haven. Light grey cabinets complement a light brown/beige granite countertop, creating a harmonious visual appeal.


The thoughtful design includes a hallway that leads to the master suite and out to the deck through the laundry room.

An open door on the side of the kitchen makes it convenient to pass food for a summer barbecue outside, and the island doubles as a buffet station for gatherings, providing easy access to both indoor and outdoor dining spaces.

The Dining Table: Family Meals in a Picturesque Setting

The seamless flow between the kitchen and the dining room is a design masterpiece. Benches below the window add extra seating when the table is extended, creating a perfect area for family meals.

A-Frame Cabin

The wooden cabinets and shelves around the space add a touch of warmth and functionality, making it a central hub for family gatherings. The angled bar on the kitchen island offers additional seating, creating an inviting atmosphere for socializing.

The Bedroom: A Retreat within a Retreat

The master bedroom, undoubtedly a favorite, boasts tall ceilings above a rustic wood bed frame. A loveseat at the foot of the bed provides an ideal spot for relaxation, offering a panoramic view outside the wall of windows.

A-Frame Cabin

The careful selection of furniture and design elements turns this space into a personal haven, where one can truly escape and connect with nature.

The Bathroom: Luxury and Relaxation

The master bathroom stands out as a true marvel. Granite countertops and grey cabinets echo the design found throughout the cabin.
A-Frame Cabin

However, it’s the soaking tub underneath the window that steals the spotlight. Imagine unwinding in the tub, surrounded by the tranquility of nature—a true retreat within a retreat.

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