Capturing Timeless Beauty: A-Frame Cabin Living At Its Finest

Nestled in the heart of nature, our newly renovated A-Frame Cabin Midcentury Modern Cabin stands as a testament to the perfect blend of contemporary elegance and rustic charm.


This forever family vacation home has become a sanctuary, capturing the timeless beauty of A-Frame living at its finest. Join us on a virtual tour as we unveil the magic of each space, from the welcoming living room to the luxurious master bathroom.

The Living Room: Where Comfort Meets Panoramic Views

The main floor of our A-Frame cabin welcomes guests with an open floor plan that effortlessly combines the dining room, living room, and kitchen.

Stepping into the living room, one is immediately captivated by the panoramic views that surround the space.

Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the lush landscape, allowing natural light to flood the room and creating a seamless connection with the outdoors.


A central focus of the living room is the charming fireplace, a cozy nook that beckons family and friends to gather around.

The great room windows, strategically placed around the fireplace, not only provide breathtaking views but also infuse the space with a warm, inviting ambiance.

The adjacent dining nook, positioned beneath the windows, offers a unique dining experience, bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

The Kitchen: Modern Comfort in Every Detail

For us, a modern kitchen was non-negotiable, and our A-Frame cabin delivers on this front with style. Stainless steel appliances, abundant wood cabinets, and stunning countertops come together to create a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The heart of this culinary haven is the island, a multifunctional space that expands storage and serves as a practical counter.

A-Frame Cabin

The thoughtful design of the island accommodates a dishwasher on one side and a secondary sink on the other, maximizing efficiency.

With ample space available, we’ve even turned a section into a mini bar, seamlessly connecting the kitchen and living room. It’s a space that not only caters to the joy of cooking but also encourages social interaction—a hallmark of A-Frame living.

The Bedroom: A Haven of Comfort and Versatility

Ascending to the upper floor, one discovers the bedroom—a haven of comfort and versatility.

The tall ceilings and exposed wood beams create an ambiance that is both spacious and cozy. This room, ideal as a master bedroom, offers a retreat-like atmosphere, inviting relaxation.

A-Frame Cabin


However, the versatility of the space allows for creative adaptations. Imagine adding a couple of sets of bunk beds, transforming it into a charming guest room for grandkids or friends.

With ample room for a chest of drawers or dresser, practicality meets style effortlessly. And for those who value wardrobe space, there’s even the possibility of incorporating a large closet without sacrificing the room’s openness.

The Bathroom: A Showstopper in Every Sense

The master bathroom on the upper floor is a true showstopper, epitomizing luxury and comfort. Featuring not only a spacious shower but also an indulgent soaking bathtub, it becomes a personal spa retreat.

The tile-lined shower, adjacent to a small wood stove, ensures warmth even on the coldest days, adding a touch of coziness to the overall experience.

A-Frame Cabin

The open design of the bathroom contributes to its appeal, creating a master bedroom space that feels both connected and private.

It’s a space where one can unwind, surrounded by the beauty of natural materials and thoughtful design, making every moment spent in this bathroom a true pleasure

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