A-Frame Cabin Elegance: Step Inside Our Beech Mountain Hideaway

Nestled in the heart of Beech Mountain, our A-Frame Cabin stands as a testament to the enchanting fusion of rustic charm and modern elegance. From the moment you step through the door, the subtle allure of this unique retreat beckons you to experience mountain living like never before.


Join us on a virtual tour as we uncover the distinct features and the cozy ambiance that define the magic of our Beech Mountain A-Frame.

The Living Room: Warm Welcome

As you step into the living room, you’re immediately embraced by a sense of warmth and comfort. The slightly smaller floor plan enhances the cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect space to unwind after a day of mountain adventures.


The custom stone fireplace, a true masterpiece, becomes the heart of the home, offering a comforting welcome that lingers in the air.

Dual doors leading to the porches at the end and back of the home invite you to step outside and breathe in the crisp mountain air.

The Kitchen: Rustic Charm and Functionality

The kitchen, undoubtedly one of the highlights of this A-Frame retreat, seamlessly marries rustic charm with modern functionality.


Real logs as side walls and beams on the ceiling create an ambiance that transports you to a bygone era. A unique log accent behind the stove adds character and visual interest.

The open counter space and ample cabinets provide not only practicality but also an opportunity for culinary creativity, making the kitchen a hub of activity and conversation.


The Dining Table: Versatility and Coziness

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area is a testament to versatility and coziness. The expandable dining table effortlessly accommodates more guests, transforming the space for lively gatherings.

A-Frame Cabin

The option to move the desk elsewhere creates a more spacious feel, adapting to the varying needs of its occupants. The dining area becomes a hub for shared meals and memorable conversations, framed by the surrounding mountain views.

The Bedroom: Rustic Elegance

The bedrooms of this A-Frame cabin embrace rustic elegance with open arms. A hand-crafted log bed takes center stage, adding a touch of timeless charm.

A-Frame Cabin

The rustic ambiance invites you to personalize the space, whether by adding modern accents or embracing the cabin’s inherent character. Each corner of the bedroom exudes comfort and warmth, creating a retreat within a retreat.

The Bathroom: Artistic Rustic Retreat

The master bathroom is a true work of art, marrying rustic elements with artistic flair. Log walls surround a vanity with a one-of-a-kind base, creating a bathroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A-Frame Cabin

The soaking tub in the corner, complete with its private shelf for storage, offers a sanctuary for relaxation amid the mountain backdrop. It’s a place where everyday routines become a ritual, seamlessly merging with the cabin’s rustic charm.

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