A-Frame Cabin Bliss: Unveiling The Beauty Of Our Mountain Getaway

Nestled within the embrace of towering trees and serene wilderness, our A-Frame Cabin Mountain home is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. If you yearn for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, this is the place where your dreams meet reality.


Join us on a journey to explore the beauty and tranquility of our A-Frame cabin, located in a quiet mountain community less than a mile from the breathtaking Rocky Mountain National Park.

Proximity to Grand Lake Attractions

In addition to its proximity to the national park, our A-Frame Mountain home boasts easy access to the Grand Lake Golf Course and Nordic Center. For golf aficionados, the golf course provides an opportunity to enjoy a round of golf amidst stunning mountain views.


If cross-country skiing or snowshoeing is your passion, the Nordic Center is a delightful haven during the winter months. And let’s not forget the historic town of Grand Lake, just a 5-minute drive away, offering charming shops, dining options, and cultural experiences.

The Living Room: Where Comfort Meets Nature

Stepping inside our mountain retreat, you’ll find the living room and dining room seamlessly flowing into each other. The heart of the living room is a fireplace that also doubles as an entertainment center.


Picture yourself relaxing in front of a crackling fire or snuggling up on the sofa for a cozy movie night. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploration.

The Kitchen: A Culinary Haven

The kitchen is undeniably the heart of every home, and our a-frame cabin’s kitchen doesn’t disappoint. With its spacious layout, it offers a corner nook for your perfect coffee station, just a few steps from the refrigerator.


The centerpiece is a 6-burner gas cook stove, ideal for preparing family meals. The kitchen’s open bar area allows you to set out food as a buffet for entertaining or chat with guests while cooking up a delicious feast.

The Dining Table: A Feast for the Senses

The dining table offers more than just a place to enjoy meals; it provides a stunning view through large windows.

A-Frame Cabin

An extra bookshelf in the corner adds functionality, making it perfect for storing cookbooks and games, and enhancing family game nights and gatherings.

The Bedroom: Rustic Comfort

Upstairs, you’ll find spacious and open bedrooms filled with rustic charm. Exposed beams and unique design elements create an inviting atmosphere.

A-Frame Cabin

The dormer windows carve out cozy corners for built-in chests of drawers and closet spaces, adding both character and practicality.

The Bathroom: A Blend of Rustic and Modern

Our A-Frame cabin continues to impress with its beautiful bathrooms. The master bathroom, with its unique wood base around the jacuzzi bathtub, showcases the seamless fusion of rustic and modern design elements.

A-Frame Cabin

It’s a testament to the a-frame cabin’s ability to harmonize traditional mountain aesthetics with contemporary comforts.

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