40 feet in the air, a minuscule A-frame cabin.

In the vast landscape of Airbnb stays, some accommodations rise above the rest, creating an indelible mark on the traveler’s journey. Today, I bring you one such gem that has secured its place among my top three Airbnb experiences of all time. And trust me, that’s no small feat, considering the plethora of accommodations explored—nearly 150 and counting—on this channel.

Our voyage takes us two hours outside the charming city of Quebec, Canada, to a location known as (foreign language) – forgive my linguistic stumble, but the beauty of this place transcends language barriers.

Nestled within this expansive compound boasting over 30 distinct cabins, we find ourselves at one of the newest additions: a tiny A-frame cabin suspended 40 feet above the ground. The sheer audacity of its design leaves me marveling at the ingenuity that went into constructing such a marvel.

As the journey begins, viewers are urged to strap in for what promises to be an extraordinary tour. The exterior unfolds before our eyes as we navigate through the property’s various cabins. The specific attention shifts to ‘ohoo,’ a cabin unlike any other, named after the owl in the Inuit language.

Late September provides the backdrop for my visit, with the changing leaves adding a touch of autumnal charm. The exterior reveals a unique entryway, eschewing the mundane for a tall wooden tower enveloping the staircase—an architectural masterpiece that immediately sets the tone for the unparalleled experience that follows.

Descending to ground level, we encounter fire pits, strategically placed for warmth and ambiance. A large storage compartment provides ready access to firewood and starting supplies, adding a rustic touch to the outdoor experience. The platform, seemingly floating above the ground, offers an inviting space for relaxation, complete with a chair reminiscent of a ski lift.

The ascent begins through a spiral staircase within the tower, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship involved in its construction. Arriving at the cabin, a bridge connects the tower to the unconventional A-frame structure that defies the norms of cabin architecture. The interior, a symphony of natural light and unique angles, immediately captures attention.

Windows strategically placed throughout the cabin frame breathtaking views of mountains and rivers. Skilfully designed skylights further enhance the natural illumination, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blends the indoor and outdoor worlds.

Embarking on an interior tour, we encounter thoughtful design elements at every turn. From a mirror and mat near the entrance to a fully equipped kitchen, the space is a testament to maximizing functionality within a limited footprint. The bathroom, though compact, offers a surprising level of comfort, with a spacious shower ensuring a relaxing experience.

The kitchen, a focal point of the cabin, impresses with its well-thought-out layout. From countertop space to shelves stocked with essentials, every inch is utilized efficiently. A sitting area beneath skylights becomes a personal haven, complemented by fancy stools and curated reading materials.

As we transition to the sleeping area, a queen-sized bed provides comfort with a view. Storage beneath the bed ensures a clutter-free space, contributing to the overall sense of tranquility.

Beyond the cabin’s confines, the property unfolds with a spa zone featuring a barrel sauna, multiple hot tubs, and an outdoor cold shower. A rooftop terrace offers a perfect vantage point for sunset views, completing the immersive experience.

The staff’s warmth and hospitality, coupled with an opportunity to savor local delights, add an extra layer of enjoyment to the stay. A French baguette, kombucha, and local meat and cheese become part of the gastronomic journey, leaving a lasting impression.

In the closing moments of the tour, the promise of exploring other cabins within the property emerges, hinting at future adventures. ‘ohoo’ stands not just as a cabin but as an embodiment of exceptional hospitality, thoughtful design, and a harmonious connection with nature.

As we conclude this Airbnb tour, the anticipation lingers for the next adventure, perhaps exploring tiny homes or even a shipping container home in upcoming videos. For now, I extend my gratitude to all who joined this virtual journey, and I eagerly await the next rendezvous in the world of extraordinary Airbnbs. Until then, happy travels!

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